Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Note to the Immoral Minority

One of "The Best Friends in the World" says:

The pro-Palin crowd have got to be the most ignorant, hypocrtical, un-Christian people you will find anywhere in America.
Venom and hate just drip from their bloody jaws.
What would Jesus do? He'd tell them to STFU!
Three relevant points:
  1. Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Bob Barr!
  2. Did Jesse Get Fired Tuesday?
  3. "Gryphen"/Griffin In His Own Words
Because I'm not a divorced gym-buff kindergarten assistant, and given that I'm so ignorant, maybe you can help with this thing I found in my two-volume 1967 World Book (Thorndike-Barnhart) Dictionary:
minority . . . 3. the condition or time of being under the legal age of responsibility.
Based on the general crudeness of Griffin's prose, it would seem to me quite far-fetched to think him clever enough to have crafted such a fiendishly brilliant double-entendre, signifying "immoral youth" while also playing on the name of the defunct Falwell coalition. Still, given some of the things he's written on the blog and . . .

Well, "Griffin"/Griffin was fairly clever -- alternate spelling of a mythical beast and all that. So, as one of the "Best Friends in the World," maybe you could say whether Jesse Griffin is smart enough to dream up "Immoral Minority" as a sort of inside joke of more than coincidental meaning? Surely his friends don't think Jesse's stupid?

The only reason I ask is that I was taught, "If Your Mother Says She Loves You, Check It Out," So I wouldn't want to rule out stupidity as possible evidence of innocence. Which is kind of problematic, considering that Griffin is so insightful as to be an amateur obstetrician who has "absolutely no doubt" that Trig Palin is not Sarah Palin's son.

Is it smart or stupid to have "absolutely no doubt"? Alas, I'm too "ignorant" to answer that question!

Have a nice day! :D


  1. Yes I thought the same thing about him after reading some of his posts. The one that caught my eye was -

    "I do it because it brings me joy to work with these children and I believe, and have been told, that I am very good at it . . .
    "[Y]ou now know my dirty little secret. I am an assistant teacher in a room full of five year old children.

    He puts "dirtly little secrets" and "room full of 5 year olds".

    Very disturbing, indeed!

  2. Ignorant: we were ignorant until Sunday. Now we know what kind of filth Jesse Griffin is.

    Hypocritical: sorry, in order to be hypocritical about pedophilia I'd have to be a pedophile. And I'm not.

    Un-Christian: as a Christian, I'm concerned about the welfare of the children in his classroom.

  3. Hmm, I followed the link to the mythical beast known as a Griffin (also spelled Gryphen) and learned that it is has the body of a lion and the head, claws and wings of an eagle.

    In other words, a big pussy with a bird brain.

    It all makes sense....

  4. I know you could be doing bigger and better things (I could argue that this could lead to bigger and better things) but there is a serious need for journalistic watchdogs, particularly on anything regarding Sarah Palin. You are performing a needed service here and I, for one, appreciate it. I hope that as long as you are able to continue, you WILL continue. It's least to me.

  5. Your ignorance on this topic is rivaled only by your lack of wit. For the rest of you out there that don't know any better "Immoral Minority" is a play on the phrase "Moral Majority" the windbag group of bible thumping hypocrites that started co-opting this country under Reagan and died the natural death all gas clouds do - finally dispersed to the point that even their own followers forgot who they were.