Saturday, May 30, 2009

Flagrantly Myopic Judicial Ruminations Amaze

by Smitty

This week's Full Metal Jacket Reach Around honors the female Latina woman of the opposite sex who will soon be feeling something about a Constitution near and dear to you.
We're working with a selection of links culled from Technorati. If you feel neglected, please direct the SMTP flamethrower at Smitty, where you will receive better treatment than a GM/Chrysler bondholder.
  • The Blog Prof leads off with The Passion of the Crist, linking that GOP pink elephant. He also linked the pastor who was threatened out in California. Finally, he wonders aloud about Sonia S., after noting her educational credentials:
    "Can anyone be named to the SCOTUS that isn't from one of these ivy-league liberal bastioons?"
    The answer is: No, and quit thinking about 'spitoons' while spelling 'bastions'. It's almost like you're disrespecting the cradles of your elite blue-state overlords, or something.
  • Jimmy, proprieter of The Sundries Shack, liked my turn of phrase. His one-line take on Sonia is also painfully apt: If you need a one-line summation of Judge Sotomayor’s judicial philosophy, it seems to be this: to her thinking, the law is what she says it is.
  • Stephen Green picked this blog for #2 in the cloudy-tubes Question of the Week: Tucker Freaking Carlson?. More to follow on that one.
  • Robert, at the Camp of the Saints, joined the Not One Red Cent movement. He appreciates the optimism in the "Battle of the Bulge" line. He laughs at Freddie's stream of bile over on OG. He adds RSM to his excellent WWU-AM page. Juxtaposing the Illuminatus Trilogy with Richard Pryor is brilliant! Furthermore, he picked up the Nashville Muslim Protest Shutdown story. Best of all, he emailed me directly, as he flys below the Technorati radar.
  • Apparently there is a place called "stapundit". Also, there is a blogger, "instapundit", who liked us on the bond post and he threw out a "Heh" at Stacy's suggestion of a Tennessee SCOTUS nominee. I think I may have heard of this "instapundit" once before, but I'm not sure where.
  • The Daily Gator predicts a short fight. To recap:
Listen to the Muppets, people:
  • The Gator also thought the 'courts make policy' clip was a 'scream', of sorts, but you'll have to follow the link to see what I mean.
  • Rumblepak couldn't wait for an RSM rebuttal to Dreher, so he provided one:
    What conservatism needs is leadership and aggressive spokespersons who unabashedly advocate conservative ideas.
    He follows up here, with some bonus Jonah
  • Donald Douglas links us On the Relevance of Intramural Ideological Disputes. He cued off of "What DealerGate Says About the Conservative 'Message' Problem" in On the Chrysler Dealergate Controversy. As an academic, I'm surprised that he didn't come at it from this angle: public sector is to private sector as educators are to students. Mixing the two is an occasion to call in The Police. I'm sure he's linked more, but the Technorati gawdz have fumbled the URLs. Sorry, sir.
  • Dan Collins slid us some linkage on The Death of Literary Studies. The death of studies, in general, can be linked to the idea that you can deconstruct almost anything.
  • The Troglopundit only came through with one URL, a holiday roundup. But I do love the Pig graphic, Lance. Mmmmm, bacon.
  • Another Black Conservative picked up the because you're wrong post. Definitely a "follow" blog over there on Blogspot. A.B.C. also has The Black Sphere in the sidebar, which features some primo material.
  • The New Republic has a blogger named Christopher Orr who observed the Levin fracas last week and quotes Freddie deBoer saying RSM: most assuredly not one of the Ordinary Americans he is here glamorizing.
    Freddie: I've hung out with RSM in a dive bar. While he's better-read than 95% of the population, this has not mutated him into an Ive-league slack-jaw in the slightest.
  • The Creaky Pavillion thinks that "offend a feminist" should reall be "offend a woman". The blog title looks Cyrillic, and the other posts hint that something may be getting lost in translation.
  • The Fishwrangler liked the RSM phrasing:
    "The idea that you pull back from a fight because someone is from a different ethnic group is part of the mistake Republicans made and how we got President Obama in the first place."
  • Michael Doerr at the Race 4 2008 was massively unimpressed with RSM's pointing to rumors of homosexuality as a possible negative for Charlie Crist.
  • The Rat Nest has "long maintained that [ Bill Clinton's] greatest ability in the economic sector was to keep out of the kitchen." This was in the context of 'What did I tell you about bonds?'
  • Pat in Shreveport rounded up Sotomayor links, including this humble blog, adding an interesting Mark Rubio quote.
  • Jason at The Western Experience "clear[ed] up the part about “double natural reflexes.”" in the Sean Penn post. It involved pressing "the button".
  • Adam's Web published the blogger love note to Sen. Cornyn. This closing was thoughtful:
    As Morrissey points out, a similar tactic is causing friction among New York Democrats even coming from the far more popular Obama White House. Already Cornyn is having to dodge questions on Facebook and in blogger conference calls and has a brushfire of anomosity building up. Now would be a good time for a graceful retreat to neutrality.
  • Clark at The American Conservative liked McCain’s description of Dreher as “the bearded Church Lady”.
  • Meanwhile, the full snore at The League of Ordinary Milquetoasts entitled "the ballad of RSM" tries to come to Dreher's defense. This ballad is so lyric as to leave one pining for The Other Other McCain doing Barbara Streisand. Freddie, you're teh best.
  • QuoteGator says something that Freddie & ilk would do well to hear, in the context of Colin Powell's whinining about Bush and Cheney:
    Being Democrat Lite has gotten Republicans nowhere. It’s about damned time that they man up and stand up for the values that made the Republican Party what it was.
  • Dan Riehl linked us while commenting upon the sad isolation of David Frum. *mope*
  • Roth & Company thank this blog for the link that brought the traffic. You're welcome.
Then there are those that we'd like to link in greater detail, but whose URLs did not make it through the grinder:
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  • Dustbury merges HillBuzz with RSM on the Dr. Utopia question.
  • Politics and Critical Thinking responded to the URL bleg with two Sotomayor posts of the worth-your-time variety:
    • Reasons Conservatives Might Use to Oppose Sotomayor Nomination
    • Sonia Sotomayor and Legal Opinions on her Nomination
    • If Smitty was on the Senate Judiciary Committee, here's what I would do. I would gather all of the absurd leftist blovinations from hearings for Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Bork, etc. I would edit them down to fit my microphone time. I would change the wording to fit the Sotomayor context. I would change the spirit of them such that they were clearly connected to the preceding hearing, but swerved at the last second to say gracious things about Sotomayor. Get all of the Republican Senators together, and have a group stand-up comedy routine that says: "Have your desired candidate. Know that we have laughed, in your face, at length, and in detail for what a circus clown act you've made of Senate Confirmation hearings." In other words, I think a protracted, leftist fight over Sotomayor runs the risk of pyrrhic victory. However, a well-crafted Thermopylae (if you will) could contribute to galvanizing "We the people" into further gallant acts in the face of our modern liberal/Persian invaders. Then again, I could be vastly overestimating the skill of the Senate GOP. But, as they say in Cockney Rhyming Slang, just a "tear in a bucket".
  • The Skepticrats had a couple of links: RSM on Fire, and The Sensitive Mr. Dreher, both of which relate to RSM's scorched earth approach to RINO habitat maintenance, Mr. Deher's sad little patch in particular.
  • From Chance, at Right of Course we have four choice links:
  • Little Miss Attila links What DealerGate Says About the Conservative 'Message' Problem, along with revelations about what she does to deal with said difficulty. You should subscribe to LMA in your RSS and savor every post.

Update II:Carol at No Sheeples Here has a complementary FMJRA post of her own, well worth your time.

Update III:Chad: there is no excuse, but please accept a plea to push links so I can do The Right Thing. Purely a sin of omission, not commission, and your aid is sought.


  1. Darned spelling errors! Damn it Jim - I'm an engineer, not an English major! In all actually, it's my fat fingers, not the myth that I can't spell 'potato.' In any case, Smitty - you might might want to see my bodybuilding video on my blog and take heed that I can bench press twice your weight before you kick me in the blog-groin again! I'll catch up with you later, Smitty!!! Oh yes I will!!!

    And for the record - I will be looking shortly for a keyboard with bigger keys!

  2. @blogprof,
    Gack, I thought the explanation of the Freudian slip made the whole thing completely understandable!

  3. Let me assure you, Smitty, nothing is lost - from this side. Can't vouch for you, of course.

    I read the "offend the feminist" post and subsequent thread with attention, and made conclusion from the impression I received.

    Best of luck with the women who suit you.

  4. no worries i was just busting chops a little as an excuse to try and drive up some traffic. I appreciate all the links i get from you guys.

  5. @creakypavillion,
    Coming up on five years of marital bliss at the 04July Tea Party! Woo hoo!