Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

By Smitty
Rule 5 Sunday time again. Irony abounds, in this age where we've given a black man the honor of the Presidency, that the name Honor Blackman should come up in the context of his party's Speaker of the House.

Cruella de Ville might have been more accurate, albeit less flattering depiction of Pelosi. However, the potential inference that the House Democrats are a pack of dalmatians would be an insult to a noble breed of dog.
  • Dustbury featured some Japanese Marriage-Hunting Bra, vaguely disturbing, as so many things Japanese. It may be that technology does not in fact enhance everything.
  • Freeberg, easily among my personal Top 10 blogs, meanders from Dukes of Hazard to Buck Rogers in an entertaining way. He also threw in a Hooters girl and some unidentified cel-phone women in a post entitled: "Ten Terraces of Liberalism", which, if nothing else, is an interesting taxonomy.
  • Monique Stewart was on some kind of Rule 5 Reign of Terror this week:
    Will the Unidentified Gods of the Blogosphere force Monique to rename her blog "Cheesecake: the Only Foodgroup"? Probably not, but Ms. Stewart does know how to tempt fate.
  • Now, the proprietor of Bob's Bar and Grill and I have evolved something of a rapport. You can troll his archives for the last couple of weeks for details. Suffice it to say that the therapy seems to have helped, and it is with pleasure I link his Stacey Scowley. That's Stacey like my sister, not Stacy like the Blogfather.
  • Donald Douglas brings Britney, nautical nymph sporting shades.
  • He doubles down with Marisa Miller linkage. If only the California economy looked so healthy.
  • Jillian at Blueshelled becomes the newest blogger to take the million hit challenge. Her choice of subject is daring, unexcpected, maybe even shocking, and certainly pushes the limits of Rule 5.
  • For those who crave more Carrie Prejean, Thrasymachus has some, along with some "Savage Love" commentary.
  • The Clever S.Logan offers Adriana Lima, which is good, and then frets that her preacher father reads her blog. Don't worry about it, Suzanna: Billie Holiday, Billy Graham--we're no' so picky.
  • Little Miss Attila links a Sport Illustrated clip that features great...landscapes.
  • Paco continues his smashing (and educational) series of silver screen sirens (OK, one in color, but I'll let the alliteration stand).
  • Elizabeth Mitchell may have been lost, but the diligent Jeffords found her.
  • The Troglopundit appears to be in a duel with Monique for The Rule 5 M(istressaster) Award. He's given us:
  • Avid sportsmen probably already follow the WyBlog, but for the rest, there is import information about the beach volleyball tournament in Ocean City, MD. Remember, it's about sports.
  • As it is Memorial Day, The Camp of the Saints provides some Gina Elise goodness. Thank you and thank her, sir.
  • The Classical Liberal finishes us off (for now) with Hayden Panettiere and maybe some follow-on links that escaped my roundup.
  • Politics and Critical Thinking contributes two hot 'Zonies and a war zone. It's all alliteratively linked, but I don't pretend to understand it. Gimme shelter.
Feel free to a) hit the tip jar, and b) hit my inbox with further Rule 5 submissions. The guidelines are notional, but the taste is simple.


  1. "...the potential inference that the House Democrats are a pack of dalmatians would be an insult to a noble breed of dog."Dalmatians are famously ill-tempered, and they carry a grudge: you step on the puppy's tail, he'll still glare at you when he's nine years old. Dalmatian breeders even went to considerable trouble to discourage families with young children from acquiring the dogs after seeing those Disney films.

    Now what were you saying about House Democrats?

  2. "Finishes us off..." Consider the context of the post, Rule 5 and all, that kinda creeped me out. Just sayin.


    Thanks, Smitty! :)

  4. Clever, I am not buying that anything other than white bread creeps you out. However, Hayden's racing stripe allegedly has a typo. THAT finishes me off with her....


  5. Hey, check out Google's opinion of your demographic. They're running an ad for " - Sugardaddy dating. Where beautiful girls and success men meet"

    Now maybe your readership isn't as slutty as they think we are. But prosperous and good looking aren't bad things. Would anybody pay money to put that ad on the Daily Kos? In fact what would you put there ... " - codependent relationships. Where insecure girls cling to verbally abusive guys."