Friday, May 29, 2009

Congratulations, Kennedy!

As I told you last weekend, my 19-year-old daughter just graduated from Hagerstown Community College. Today her diploma came in the mail:

The gold seal on the left is for Phi Theta Kappa, and the seal on the right is for high honors. She made one B her freshman year, and the rest all A's.


  1. Big Congrats!
    Send her out to teach in L.A. if she has half your intestinal fortitude for doing the right thing!

    Gonna HTTJ so you can take her someplace nice for dinner.

    P.S. Unrelated - what ever happened to fisking David Brooks? Was it just too easy and unproductive for you? I understand... I wouldn't beat up a mentally disabled kid for talking funny either.

  2. Very well done, Kennedy!

    I feel better just knowing there is at least one teacher out there who won't be a socialist indoctrinator, putting The Children® though so much intellectual child abuse.

    Oh wait! Make that two:

  3. Fantastic!
    Congratulations to you all!
    Mother, daughter and i guess Dadddy.

    PS tha last remarke is hmor - or as best as this old Celt can do- I think you*ALL* did well.

    Rod Stanton
    Ceritos, Cal

    PPS My daughter was an "A" student at CSLB 22 years ago. And because she's almost a pretty as he mom she was also a chear leader a few years. Being a tyhpical Celt man I took all the credit.

  4. Fruit doesn't fall far...yada, yada.

    Way to go, Kennedy!!!

  5. Wow... Your home-schooled daughter graduated... FROM COMMUNITY COLLEGE! And this is the third time you've mentioned it like it's exciting. Geez... and just think, if she had gone to regular public school, she might have actually gotten into a college that DIDN'T ACCEPT EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO APPLIED TO IT. Anyway, congrats. Kudos. ...You crazy, crazy right-wing man, you.

  6. anon - tacky, tacky!! Never attack someone's kids. Crude!!

  7. Hey RSM!
    Congrats on the kid making the grade!
    Great Day for you and the Misses, I'm sure.
    Really man, that's fantastic.

    Hey Captain Obvious:
    Suck my balls.

  8. Congrats..

    To the very proud father and the recent graduate.

  9. Dear Captain Oblivious,

    I have already stated the reason I will not turn this thread into a flame war. Please take it to another thread.

    Until next time, evil doer! Stay Safe!