Friday, May 29, 2009

When you refuse to fight

"The idea that you pull back from a fight because someone is from a different ethnic group is part of the mistake Republicans made and how we got President Obama in the first place."
-- Ron Robinson, Young America's Foundation


  1. I've been saying this for the past few days. Its as if we have to pick a battle: Sotomayor or Health Care.

    I say why bother choosing a fight? We can do both. Sotomayor is a senatorial confirmation and the health care bill has to be drafted in the House.

    Plus, since BHO gave us a delay goal (If health care reform isn't passed this year, it will never happen) then using Sotomayor to delay Obamacare until after August seems like a good plan to me.

    We need to draw a line in the sand against the soft tyranny of a socialist America. Obama's single-payer goal is only going to give the Government free reign to restrict personal freedoms across the spectrum. Forget risky recreational activities (skateboarding, biking, rock climbing, stuff like that) or unhealthy stuff like smoking and being obese. All it will take is one group of people that hate a certain activity to convince a congresscritter that the activity is too risky and poses a significant health care cost spike, and its all over.

    And as far as Sotomayor is concerned, we're replacing a lefty judge with a lefty judge. Its not like much is really going to change. BHO's racial/sexist politics are on blatant display, but its not like we didn't already know what he'd do in this situation anyway.

    Heh, good old predictable BHO. Oversensationalize a problem so you can force the debate your way. Good thing people are getting tired of the game.

  2. Bullshit. No punches were pulled on Obama because of his race. That's a movement delusion that rings false to any Ordinary American.


  3. Phil, can you point me to McCain's stump speech where he said:
    "The Democrats are putting forth this underqualified fellow mostly because he's black, and they cynically hope his race will shield him from valid criticism, either by preemption, or by their ability to smear any criticism as 'racist.'"
    I can't seem to find this punch that wasn't pulled...

  4. As I wrote elsewhere:The choice to fight on principle says a lot about the party’s courage in a tough place. Instant retreat says just as much about cowardice. To fight will draw support both from those who have given up on Republicans (for good reason), and from those minority Americans who see that Republicans are actually willing to fight to protect them. Republican principles are true. They work for everyone: Black; white; yellow; red; English speaking; Spanish speaking; and even those who speak Mandarin. If Republicans fight for and articulate those principles every day, then the fight will inspire allies that Republicans need. Republicans need to fight for every step, every inch of ground. And instead of giving ten feet, or one foot, or one single inch, Republicans have to try to take an inch, or a foot, ten feet, or a mile.

    Sirs, draw the line. Gird yourselves.

    And when we are forced back, outnumbered, bloodied but still standing tall, then we draw the line again and once again prepare to fight. By fighting we will attract new allies and strengthen the will of our moribund support.

    There is a principle in the opposition to Sotomayor: We will not accept racist or partisan or tribal interpretations of the law as just, but inevitably know they are as unjust as anything. The 14th Amendment stiffens our spine against them. And we will not accept “policy setting” and legislation from the bench as Constitutional. That is a lie. There is only one meaning to “interpret the Constitution,” and it is to follow the original, plain English meaning of the words. Anything else is making it up by whim. Anything else is post facto legislation by a non-legislative branch of government.

    Ever since the revolutionaries of 1776 stood for the Rule of Law against the Rule by Whim of the English King, America has stood for the Rule of Law, not the Rule of Whim. America will not change that now. America will not change that ever.