Saturday, May 30, 2009

My son Bob challenges
the King of Rock 'n Roll

Click here to hear my 16-year-old son play heavy metal guitar. He knows chicks dig his cool Gibson SG. The boy has worked hard to improve his skills, but the sexy? That's genetic.

My sexy wife, by the way, is convinced that at least 10% of my Facebook friends are girls who actually wanted to befriend Robert Stacy McCain Jr. Easy to tell the difference: Junior is the one who likes cats.

It's OK, I'm still the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

UPDATE: Everybody's a blog critic at my house.
Mrs. Other McCain: "Why did you use that picture with the nasty long hair?"
Me: "Well, he's a rock star, right? Long hair. Besides, chicks dig cats."
Junior: "Wait a minute, I've got a sexier picture than that . . ."

Yeah, he is wearing a Lynyrd Skynyrd hat. Which is definitely cool, even if not sexy.


  1. "The boy has worked hard to improve his skills, but the sexy? That's genetic."

    Dang, your wife must be hot.

  2. I have to say, with that last picture, you've just got the loyalty of the 12-22 female set. Tell me, does your son have a girlfriend?

  3. Definitely, the one with the hair and the kitty-cat. Definitely.

  4. yes i do, but just in case, leave your #'s

  5. Slow down, Kiddo--you're mostly gonna be finding cougars on this-here site . . . NTTAWWT.

  6. Bob, beware of women who hang around with bloggers (except your mother, who hangs around with me, bless her heart).

    Even Chris Hansen would be shocked by the cougarish depravity that lurks in the hearts of some of these female bloggers.

    Ixnay on the ailjayaitbay, Oyjay.

  7. Long John Baldry: