Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Goode Vibrations

by Smitty

Concur with Tigerhawk: the Goode Family was quite good. I'm going to be stingy and give it a B+, just so the don't get complacent.
  • Dad works at the school, so there is much room for swipes at academia.
  • Mom is a stereotypical granola-head, staring entranced at a billboard in the supermarket with products shifting from the "good" to the "bad" column, and back.
  • The daughter, Bliss, seems the straight character.
  • The adopted son, hilariously named Ubuntu, is old enough to drive but seems to have some developmental challenges. Tofu overload?

The family is all vegan, including the poor dog, but the dog is really the canine equivalent of the Junk Food Junkie,

wiping out all the local fauna.
The show made some fun of the religious right, mocking father/daughter purity balls as just a little creeped out.
Given the left's general non-capacity for laughing at itself, this series has excellent potential. The thought of a crazed, Andrew Sullivan-esque blogger character fulminating at the mouth over something inane could provide some quality belly-laughs, indeed.


  1. I enjoyed it.. It played to the extremes to some degree..

    the purity dance and rings..

    I wasn't sure if they were going to show the dog actually catching anything but they did (animation, after all) so there's that to please my cold lifeless heart.

  2. I can't believe this show is allowed on the air. On ABC, to boot! What are those network execs thinking?

    Smitty, it was much better than a "B+". Hell, the WWAGD alone makes it better than that.

    If Mike Judge keeps his hand on the wheel, this is another masterpiece for him. The writing was superb. How they were able to take so many shots in so little time, wow.

    I predict the idiots at MSNBC and their buddies on the Web will be screaming their heads off any minute now, demanding ABC cancel this show.