Wednesday, May 27, 2009

URGENT: Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee endorse Marco Rubio in Florida

Carolyn Tackett has the complete scoop, via The Hill and CNN.

Check Memeorandum and Not One Red Cent.

Updates to come . . .

UPDATE 8:39 p.m.: Crap! Donald Douglas, TrogloPundit and Townhall beat me to this, while I was busy working the phones on another story.

Getting beat on my own beat? It's really kind of embarrassing. Good scoop, guys. Congratulations.


  1. Hot damn!

    I knew I liked Huckabee for a reason.. And the Bush family name doesn't bring the negativity that so many people associate with it due to partisan

  2. Jeb Jr. emailed me today to endorse Rubio.

  3. I got the Bush email, too, but Donald alerted me about Hucklebee.

  4. It's fun to imagine how thoroughly Rubio will trounce Biden in 2016.


  5. Look out for Jeb Bush, he is still a political player. Now for the important question:

    How did the Bush's build their dynasty?

    Perhaps one thing that should be noted is how many people end up under the Bush 'bus' and how was their send off when they went there. The Bushes do not seem to leave bitterness in their close associates in there wake. There are exceptions, but as a rule, they don't.

    Of course, the Kennedys have also created a dynasty, but unlike the Bushes the Kennedys (a) have not continued to acquire the same number of talented followers - and so many that advisors can be swapped out as times change, and (b) more of the Bush children who went into politics have turned out to be functional and much more energetic as individuals than the Kennedys who went into politics.

    With (a) the Kennedys' stable of advisors seem to be the remnant that were with JFK. No one really new or notable has come forward since 1960. It will be seen if the Bushes have been able to expand on the people that advised GBI and GBII.

    With (b), GBII was able to dry out, and Jeb has not been known for wildness (if it was there, I am sure we would have heard it). We have yet to see much from the next generation as they approach the stage of their lives that can lead to the national stage.*

    *Please do not bore me with college-age drinking escapades - no one but a true-blue partisan takes any of that seriously.

    Mikey NTH