Thursday, May 28, 2009

In which I agree with Conor Friedersdorf

Mark this date on your calendar:
Obviously whatever Republicans did in the last election was a failing strategy. It failed.
Right. They nominated a short, old, bald grumpy guy. Failing strategy. Voting for the bailout? Failing strategy.

Next time: No bailouts and no bald guys. But is the GOP going to pay me as a campaign strategist to tell them this? No. And it's too short to sell as a book proposal. So there is no money in being right. The GOP "experts" spent $791 million to lose, when I could outline the "roadmap to victory" on a cocktail napkin.

Politics is a corrupt racket, I tell you. An honest guy like me hasn't a chance.


  1. No bald guys? So, had Cheney been available . . .?

  2. We simply need to stay in the Republican "leadership's" face and up their tailpipes until they are forced to face the fact that the only way they will ever win another election is by honoring the base. It is time to get rowdy.

  3. I don't care what you say about bald, grumpy guys, McCain. I'd still vote for Smitty.

  4. RS,

    Don't you mean bald, MODERATE, guys?

    As Attila said, I would have voted for VP Cheney if he was top of the ticket too (say that last bit 5x fast)!

    The danger is moderates who flake when it comes to fighting -- that is why Former Senator Robert Dole is still respected and Senator Mccain is looked at as a flake.

    The first rule for Presidential nominations in the Republican party is:

    Who fought for us when it was "uncool," to be in the GOP?

    I see a non-bald, non-moderate woman by the name of Gov. Palin is leading the charge.

    Maybe it should be noted to any candidate thinking of going to NH and Iowa, the ONLY way to win votes is by fighting against Obama and Pelosi (either target is fine).

    Just a thought. The Republican Encyclicals return next week -- I would like to hear your opinion so far.

  5. It's grumpy and bald together.
    Cheney's bald and wise, which is scary for Dems.

  6. It's like the demotivational poster says:

    Consulting - If you're not part of the solution, there is good money to be made prolonging the problem.

  7. Ironically, there's an ad for McCain's "Country First" PAC under this post.

  8. Runs fingers through thick, brown hair, while reading post in merry, non-grumpy frame of mind.

    Yes, I am available to run as the Republican candidate for President.

  9. Oh, I don't know if you don't have a chance...

    Look at what Obama had to overcome... His private schools, his Ivy League trust fund, the blatant racism of his Pastor and mentors. Why, he even had to overcome his birth in a clinic in Kenya.

    BTW, Conor has been making an ass of himself over at Riehl's comments section. Check-out too his opener on HuffPo, referring to "black" intellectuals.

    Today was my "discover Conor" day. There's been much fuss over him lately. Um, speaking only for me, I'd probably not waste any more time on Conor. I stopped reading Frum in '04. Somehow I don't think I'll be missing much.

  10. The shame of it all is that McCain could have won, but, he frigging blew it with his "I'm suspending my campaign" idiocy. Up to that point, he had all of Bush's states, and was gaining strong in others.

    Add in the way his idiot campaign staff handled Palin, and we end up with President Neophyte.

    Amazingly, despite how bad he blew it, and the media worked against him, especially in trying to destroy Palin, he still got 58 million votes. Imagine no Palin, and I think he would have been lucky to get 50 million.

  11. Teach is schooling us on this one. You just knew he was going to do that, too. Rush back to Washington and brooker a deal with the reach across the isle he was so accustomed to. Except this time no one was going to take his hand. The way Obama hung back and avoided taking part, even though he was a sitting senator, seems like he knew things the old cranky guy didn't know. A certain amount of insider information designed to secure a jump forward for their guy. The Dems were playing hard ball from the get-go of the collapse. We're just now catching up.

    But hey, John wasn't really the choice of conservatives. He seemed more like the choice of the New York Times, and with all the crossover voters in the early primaries, I don't think we really ran our guy.