Monday, May 25, 2009

Emergency: We Need Fireworks!

My friends know I'm a serious fireworks freak. Click here for video and photos of my 2007 fireworks show at Camp Fubar on Lake Weiss in Alabama -- 3,145 aerial shots in a five-minute show.

Smitty and I are concocting plans for a show this year. These plans are quite fluid and I'm also talking with Stephen Gordon of the Liberty Papers about doing this in conjunction with a 4th of July Tea Party event. However the plans finally work out, one thing is certain: WE MUST BUY FIREWORKS SOON.

A major wholesale fireworks vendor is having a 20% off sale that ends Friday, so we could buy caseloads of the stuff at discount prices if our readers will do their patriotic duty and give generously now.

Graphic: Carol at No Sheeples Here.

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