Wednesday, May 27, 2009

'The Empirical Way'

"Home schooling is the empirical way to raise children into adults who are not neurotic drones infected and indoctrinated with a strain of virulent leftardism."
In case you need empirical proof.


  1. Blind link Stacy.......check it out

  2. Don't know what public schools you're talking about, Stacy. My local HS forbid anti-war organizations, openly displayed Christian symbols around Xmas, allowed a local church to hold services there, featured a prayer group before school many mornings. The classes about "current events" or "philosophy" rarely challenged cultural and political orthodox. At least while I was there.

    I'm sure some are no good, but I think most are reflections of the communities in which they're found. Which means that most are sleepy, boring, and concerned with maintaining normality.

    Stacy, you have yet to address my question: What's the alternative to the pubic school system?