Saturday, March 28, 2009

'The Full Monty Joint Review' Avalanche

By Smitty
The title may or may not be a jello-wrestling reference. Ambiguity, while death to computer code, flavors the humor nicely. Back on topic: Saturday's Full Metal Jacket Reach Around extravaganza is here.
  • Owning lesser mortals in a truly biblical fashion is Donald Douglas at American Power Blog. He jumped right on the Frum love train. He deftly played the Rule 5 card with some Scarlett goodness. He proffered a thoughtful roundup on Culture 11. He quoted this blog at length while mourning the demise of the BHO honeymoon. Quoting this blog remains your chief source of exquisite, yet free, good blog karma. (Almost as good as linking Little Miss Attila.) Professor Douglas's roundup of the Goldstein/Patterico dust-up made sense of something that wasn't previously clear (to your writer). His Sullivan roundup recalled the National Greatness post. He went above and beyond the call of Rule 5 by inviting Code Pink onto his page. Tough as nails, that one. The real amazement, must be saved for his tracking down this Rule 5 video of Stacy doing some turntable work for Lady GaGa. McCain is more than just your average karaoke king.
  • Dan Collins of Protein Wisdom fame was our second most energetic linker this past week. He connected this blog's notice of the lesbian thrashing of transgenders with that ABC bit about two gay men finding evidence in a bar that George W. Bush skipped out service with the Texas ANG or something Rather silly like that. His Director of Hillary: The Movie post cleverly used an unrelated Brooks fisking post to increase his Technorati link count. We admire those creatively pointing out the lack of rules around here. Dan gets the Greek mythology hat tip for the Icarus reference while noting the POTUS Poll Plunge Post amidst a lengthy Geithner roundup. Oh, yes, and the Patterico business. This seems blown over, thankfully. This fine post by Serr8d, a frequent commenter here, crept in for reasons that are obscure. Nice title, Serr8d, but remember this about liberals: an American anus admires assonance als alliteration.
  • Lance, our primitive troglodyte pundit, starts off with a proper homage to the Rules in his review of the AIG "Outta beer: outta here" letter. He ventures onto some thin ice here putting ToM's name in the title (good) and then opining that he needs a new hobby (not so much). I hear that trogs regenerate. He does recover nicely with the Rule 5-age, revealing that Bruce Willis is violating the half-your-age-plus-seven rule (or does that only apply when you're under 50?). He goes for Rule 3 on the Geithner WSJ editorial. Dude, at least throw in some YouTube-age, a'ight? ;). He did have a nice Rule 5 offering, so there is obviously hope.
  • Monique remains a source of excellent blogging. Hope her health improves. Especially in time for whenever the jello wrestling is set. She opted to allude to the teleprompter while reviewing the POTUS press conference. The Alabama condom post earned a lengthy, turgid remembrance.
  • Obi's Sister is pleased that Tuesdays are Useful Idiot(s) Day. The helpful guide How to speak to an Obamanoid brought forth a fun little poll with ++ungood results, seen from the Administration perspective. The ACORN alumnus judicial nomination triggered a mention amidst the heroic dinner hold-down of the 60 Minutes interview. Also, looking forward to Easter in a roundup on phones.
  • Paco Enterprises enjoyed a fuzzy memory at the mention of the new Al Gore 'Cli-fi' opus. While enjoying a mild Barney Frank rant (who doesn't?) he brought in the related How to Speak to an Obamanoid. Paco's taste in Rule 5 work is impeccable. He offers a strangely linked hat tip. Possibly he meant this.
  • The Nutty One launched with the teleprompter, as did so many this week. Would that it could be merely funny. Led to the noted poll dip. Seymour's FMJRA offering was a fine example of the genre. And the review of the Obamanoidspeak post "absolutely classic" is very warmly received.
  • The Griffon heaped a smallish helping of abuse on Rachel for moving to England. The Griffon merits an atta-boymythological-creature for his response to the tough love proffered by this blog. Those who can take it as well as dish it out are respected. May the fu belong to you!
  • Clever S.Logan wins an award for most updated post I've ever seen at 9 and counting. It's almost as if she's trying to cover up something. Could this post metastasize and form its own blog? Stay raptly attentive, but don't be a stalker. She does everything but link The Georgia Satellites in this post. And, of course she offered a heap of sympathy for the Griffon, whom I was very nearly close to beginning to think about starting to feel bad about having abused. Thanks for getting me off that hook, Suzanna. Note the splitting of the affection between the Troglopundit and the Griffon. Both gracious and wise, this one. Careful, men!
  • Cynthia, the jello wrestling referee, put in a plea for decorum, for all the match scheduling isn't complete yet. Even though she's a newly minted conservative, she finds it hard to grasp how Senator Specter misses the point on secret ballots. Or, to judge by her title, she may understand why all too well.
  • The neighborly Pundit and Pundette note RSM's reporting on David Horowitz. They briefly noted Specter's sudden recollection of the letter 'R'. They also had a linkfest, though they haven't quite reached the "volume of fire has an accuracy all its own" approach of, for example, this blog.
  • Bob offers up some armed Rule 5, followed by some Rule NaN* arm. I may need a break after this. My mind is bleeding.
    *Not a Number, for the non-JavaScript geeks in the crowd.
  • Fear and Loathing debates the bond market in a reasonable way, with a jolly Strangelove reference. FLG follows up here.
  • Mike in Fisherville noted the McAuliffe post, as well as last week's FMJRA post, which invites the question of how much circular reasoning it will take to cross the Groucho Marx horizon.
  • Craig at Pb'n'Au links to the Gonzo article at Taki. Maybe it's just because I'm nearly punch drunk enough for 60 Minutes, but this is worth a few extra bytes on the post:
    The Other McCain has a post up that defends the execrable David Frum. Admittedly, he does so in the course of bashing David Brooks, but that is no excuse. That is the equivalent of praising gonorrhea while condemning syphilis.
    Well done, sir.
  • Moe notes the ACORN Judiciary post, as well as offering up the third part of the Andrew Breitbart bit at NetRightNation.
  • David Wiegel at WI derided the Obama at 50/50 post. Here he summarizes RSM's Culture11 obituary:
    "If you want to create a brand of conservatism that doesn’t yet exist, you have to do more than write columns and movie reviews." If you want to write columns and movie reviews, they have to be in the "liberals are awful and destroying freedom" mold.
    Whereas I would say "Liberals begin from a flawed existential model; bogosity ensues."
  • Jason at Western Experience picked up the teleprompter post. He was also pleased to make last week's Juggernaut roundup.. Aside: Jellytoast, we refuse to link you just because you linked Jason. Oh, wait...
  • The Pirate's Cove (and we can't have too much nautical nuance, mates) noted the teleprompter review. They also had some Rule 5-age. Send that in earlier to make the proper roundup!

  • And thus we reach the single digit locker

  • Somebody with the silly name 'Instapundit' linked the And the Bad News Is post. Terrible name for a blog. He'd better improve on that name if he ever wants to get any traffic. I'm just saying.
  • Steven Green, the Vodkapundit, linked the How to get a million hits... post, not knowing that Blogger was unappreciative of the higher-tech version, and we rolled it back. I will improve my fu. I'm good enough, smart...
  • If you missed Gahrie's Nolan link last Rule 5 Sunday, we have you covered.
  • The Skepitcrats live up to the billing:
    Someone please track down Uncle Jimbo and the guy in the Blackfive video and slap them back to reality. They seem to think that the young Code Pinko’s Blackfive interviewed are “cute.” Let’s get this straight: for a conservative, there should be no such thing as a “Code Pink Cutie.”
    I'll wait for RSM to pass the final judgment on this important controversy, but allow me to tilt the argument by reminding everyone that "who is pleased easily is pleased often".
  • Below the Beltway debunks BHO's 50-50 Zogby poll thoroughly.
  • The Political Castaway is dubious about Senator Specter's lack of enthusiasm for Card Check.
  • "Gag me with a teleprompter", says Colorado Right, of the Ann Compton kneepad story. Say hello to the Vodka Pundit for us.
  • Comments from Left Field also debunks the Zogby poll, giving RSM the first link. We covet such left-handed complements.
  • Cyber Economics approved of the way RSM "cuts through all the polite and euphemistic terms and tells it like it is" on the US spawns record number of bastards post.
  • Dad29 picked up the Baghdad Bob coverage. Must have been the in-depth, hard hitting research. One wonders how applicable to the POTUS are these words written for Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf by Jean-Pierre McGarrigle:
    In an age of spin, al-Sahaf offers feeling and authenticity. His message is consistent -- unshakeable, in fact, no matter the evidence -- but he commands daily attention by his on-the-spot, invective-rich variations on the theme. His lunatic counterfactual art is more appealing than the banal awfulness of the Reliable Sources. He is a Method actor in a production that will close in a couple of days. He stands superior to truth.
    Surely this blog should enshrine such an excellent review
  • Minimal Coverage notes the smirk on Stacy's face over the epic jello wrestling match, but goes the extra mile and offers a (possibly sacrilegious for Catholics) variation on the Beatles' Lady Madonna, the first verse of which we'll drop as a tease:
    Lady Godiva, clothing at your feet
    I’ll be at the tea party we should meet
    Protesting money our Congress has spent
    They’ve all forgotten who they represent
  • Environmental Republican noted the "Death of Newspapers" story in a Sixth Anniversary posting.
  • The Gay Conservative was equally appalled by the David F. Hamilton appointment.
  • Instaputz thought RSM was being ironic when he wrote this post. I don't know why the famous speedo picture was captioned "Fap fap fap" here, and I will protect my ignorance with vigor.
  • Kirbside goes for Rule 1 with gusto. We like and appreciate.
  • The Mean ol' Meany picked up on the economic advice in And the bad news is...
  • The heat generated by the debate with the Liberal Values blog, which was triggered by last week's 'opting for worse' rider, continues to be measurable by well-calibrated lab equipment. The response doesn't seem to apprehend the difference perceived on the right between a RINO and a CPAC attendee. A more full response is owed, but there are just a few links left to go here at the Full Monty.
  • Maggie has a great ACORN post pointing back to MSNBC suckage.
  • Michelle Malkin, that giantess among bloggers, linked the ACORN court post with a cool graphic.
  • The local NOVA Townhall blog refers to Obamanoids as 'brownshirts'. One hopes things fall short of what that implies.
  • Cuffy at Perfunctions serves up some Ominous photoshoppage related to The World's Most Famous Teleprompter.
  • The Nashville Post picked up RSM's foray into Netiquette Law on the Godwin post.
  • Right View From the Left Coast notes the Brooks beatings, but wonders: Where is the Frum bat?
  • Sense of Events took a more mellow stance on the Dan Rather Award
  • Serr8d got linked above in the Protein Wisdom section, but we'll spot a twofer, because you can't over-link the good stuff. Though we try.
  • Sharp Right Turn joined in the condomnation of the switch to Chinese 'French Houses'. Next link: this jape is shredded.
  • Steve Skojec quoted the bad news post at length in this response. Steve, we like your ideas.
  • The Classical Liberal also got on the quote wagon, referencing the Meghan McCain reportage from the old days.
  • The Moderate Voice liked 'The guy is becoming a punchline.'
  • The Side Track quoted the Washington Independent quoting RSM on Zogby. ST observse
    if the media stopped talking about Zogby polls as if they meant something, maybe Zogby would be inclined to improve their polling methods and produce a poll that actually does mean something?
    Sure, but then people would have to do research and think about what to write, or something stupid like that.
  • Wizbang has some good introductory financial background on a post that links the bond market going wobbly post.
  • Bizzy Blog hat tipped the ACORN judge nomination.
  • Cathouse Chat (now there's a great name for a blog) liked the Obamabots post.
  • Dustbury weighs in on the Full Monty Question with a nuanced take and yet another ancient link.
  • Five Feet of Fury forgets us not.
  • MacTelepromptlet, concludes Jules Crittenden, keying off the Richard III allusion in the teleprompter post.
  • NewsTechZilla noted the 'newspapers are dying' post.
  • Riehl World View noted the 'bad news is' post in a roundup of feedback for the politically depressed.
  • Over at Stop the ACLU there was some pile-on about the teleprompter. It's hard to imagine four years of laughing at a teleprompter. It has the feel of those "Magruber" bits on SNL.
  • Stephen over at the Liberty Papers has another review of the jello wrestling question, and ends off with some libertarian Rule 5 linkage.
  • The Political Cesspool noted the Nigerian cab driver who loves Rush Limbaugh, proving the value of the back catalogue.
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Update:Jimmie has brought forward the problem that Technorati can be hit or miss. He offers righteous link-fu on conservative bloggers and Paris Hilton. This was all I could find for a quick check (he said, admitting he'd neglected to subscribe). Best wishes, Jimmie. Let's see if we can come up with a work around for the reach around.


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