Monday, March 23, 2009

Hey, wait: It's not Tuesday yet!

At American Thinker, Lee Cary adds some fiskiliciousness to the heaping piles of epithets I've piled on David Brooks's pointy little head:
Mr. Brook's meandering, intellectual confliction displays the underlying condition of some high-profile "moderate conservative" journalists. Theirs is an exercise in political punditry based on narcissistic omphaloskepsis (i.e., self-adoring navel gazing).
Thanks for contributing the extra helping of contempt that the useless idiot deserves, Mr. Cary, but nobody has hated David Brooks longer or more thoroughly than I have.

Folks, accept no substitutes! Give generously NOW to the original David Brooks Fisking Fund, because a slime is a terrible thing waste.


  1. It's just a "fluffer" piece. Nobody rips 'em apart like the champ though! Can't wait for today's... go get em!

  2. actually, i can't even stomach reading anything david brooks writes anymore...much less watch him on tv. blech!