Saturday, March 28, 2009

Powerful Professor Goes All the Way With Britney Spears -- And You Can, Too!

If you want to be linked in Rule 5 Sunday, the Professor shows you how to do it like it should be done:
  • Create a blog post with a photo, or a link to a photo, of an attractive female;
  • Try to keep it to PG-13, at most; no nudity, please;
  • Additional insightful political news commentary on the same post is suggested, although not strictly necessary;
  • Ladybloggers can be eligible by posting beefcake;
  • Gaybloggers cannot be eligible by posting beefcake, but can qualify by posting Marilyn Monroe or other camp diva photos;
  • Include a link to The Other McCain;
  • Make sure you have Technorati installed on your blog;
  • Publish your post before 9 p.m. Saturday; and
  • E-mail the URL of your post to Smitty.

You'll be linked in the roundup, which usually goes live before noon Sunday. If you feel your contributions have been neglected, e-mail Smitty again.

Whatever you do, guys, please hit the tip jar. Because I'm a married man and my wife only puts up with this silly blogging nonsense on the condition that it generates revenue. Mrs. Other McCain is a wonderful woman, but she's got a kitchen drawer full of knives, and I've got to sleep sometime.

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