Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last word on Culture 11?

"I never even heard of this Culture11 site until I read that it was gone. If someone wants to know why it failed, extrapolate that out to other bloggers and web surfers, that was it. Having never seen it, all I can conclude is that it really must have sucked."
-- Dan Riehl

Logical assumption, Dan. Donald Douglas has more. I might eventually decide to heap a bit more opprobrium on the wretchedness that was Culture 11, but I'm not feeling it now. I saw the Washington Monthly story right before I had to leave my house Tuesday, en route to (a) pay the water bill and (b) attend an important conference. The Monthly comes at the story from the wrong angle.

What was really wrong with Culture 11 was . . . well, everything. And I am not going to write everything this morning.


  1. I would suggest that the format made it reader-unfriendly.

    Too many choices, too wordy (albeit highly intelligent and closely-argued stuff)...

    Not exactly "browsable" like the punchy, effervescent, witty, brawling, and cheesecake-laden McCain.

    (Send your contribution...)

  2. Why in the world would you go somewhere to pay a water bill? Don't you have automatic deductions?

  3. I think our real problem at Culture11 was that we didn't post enough pictures of girls in bikinis and take other measures to drive up drive-by traffic. ; )

  4. Rule 5, Joe. Also, Rule 2: You guys didn't link me enough.

  5. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't realize you had your own blog until C11 shut down. I just thought you blogged at AmSpec.

    I'm sure the other guys knew, though, because your name came up around the office quite often. ; )

    (Not really in a bad way, of course, just in the "Robert Stacy McCain said...")

  6. Oh, I don't care if it was good or bad, Joe. Linky-love and linky-hate are equally valuable in the blogosphere. Hits Is Hits.

  7. You've mentioned that water bill twice. It's time to let go of the bitterness. You'll find it very freeing.