Thursday, March 26, 2009

In Search of Right-Wing Gonzo

Or, Why Culture 11 Sucked So Bad:
In less than six months of publication, Culture 11 burned through a stack of start-up capital rumored to be north of $1 million. . . .
"I never even heard of this Culture11 site until I read that it was gone," said veteran conservative blogger Dan Riehl. "If someone wants to know why it failed, extrapolate that out to other bloggers and web surfers, that was it. Having never seen it, all I can conclude is that it really must have sucked."
Charles Homan of the liberal Washington Monthly naturally pursues the theme that there is some ideological flaw in conservatism that accounts for the failure of Culture11. . . .
Homan has got it all wrong. The problem at Culture11 was that personnel is policy.
Please read every brutal word, you stupid punks.

UPDATE: Linked at Nashville Post.

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  1. I just read every "brutal" word, or thereabouts. Great writing, and good on you for blowing these idiots off...