Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ann Compton earns her knee pads

"Yours is a rather historic presidency. And I’m just wondering whether, in any of the policy debates that you’ve had within the White House, the issue of race has come up or whether it has in the way you feel you’ve been perceived by other leaders or by the American people? Or has the last 64 days before a relatively color-blind time?"
-- Ann Compton, question at Tuesday's presidential press conference

Right. The economy's on life support, and this drive-by drool-bucket wants to ask about whether race has anything to do with "the way you feel you've been perceived." Gag me with a teleprompter.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin is all over ComptonGate, and I just got a phone call from Monique Stuart, who points out that she blogged about Compton's softball question at 2:05 p.m.:

So, Ms. Compton, this is what we should expect from a “distinguished and highly respected veteran of the White House press corps?” What if he would have told you that you couldn’t have asked him about race? See, I might have found that amusing.
I realize why Obama would pick this question, it gives him a chance to play the race card and pretend he’s not playing the race card. We get it, already! The first black president (I thought Bill Clinton already had that title?). In that sense, everything you do is historical. Get over it! We all are, as is evidenced by your dropping poll numbers.
You've got to know Monique to know why she's so utterly fearless. She's a blue-collar ex-Democrat who smokes Marlboro Red (NTTAWWT) and thus is not intimidated by political correctness the way so many "cradle Republicans" are.


  1. I wish Vladimir Putin would stop calling me "my man."

  2. Don't forget the lead-in to that question: "Could I ask you about race?" "You may."
    It was like watching a serf seek an audience with the king or something. Utterly pathetic.

  3. Pathetic is right.

  4. As a "cradle" Republican, I would almost take offense to that remark except you are right! I come from a family of misguided Dems, so I know how they think. I take a more "blue-collar" approach to my world view. But there are way to many Arlen Specters in the GOP. And since Ann Compton has nothing important to ask, why of course President Obama would call on her to ask her inane question!