Monday, March 23, 2009

Gay 'tolerance': Transgenders violently attacked by lesbians at DC bar

No, this is not an Onion satire. It's news so bizarrely real you couldn't possibly make it up:
When Mitch Graffeo entered Dupont's Fab Lounge shortly before closing on Feb. 28, he hadn't been to a lesbian club in more than a decade. Graffeo, 40, was only stopping in to pick up a friend, 29-year-old Jamie, at the conclusion of the gay bar’s weekly lesbian night. Graffeo and Jamie, both transgender men, were two of only a handful of men in a club full of women.
(OK, just to clarify the nomenclature a bit here: Mitch and Jamie were both born women, and are at different stages of the hormones-and-surgery business of female-to-male sex change treatment.)
As the lights went up [at closing time], a group of women took a sudden interest in Jamie. Slim and boyish, Jamie had only recently begun to transition from female to male, and they wanted to know what he was.
Graffeo watched the women surround Jamie. "They were grabbing him, saying, 'What are you, a boy or a girl?'" Graffeo says. "They were very interested and excited, grabbing his crotch and his chest," says Graffeo. When Jamie asked the women to leave him alone, they closed in tight around him. Jamie "wiggled his way out," and the two men funneled toward the door with the rest of the last-call crowd.
Once outside, one of the women refused to let her curiosity subside. "She jumped on his back a bit and put him in a headlock," says Graffeo. Then, she reopened the line of questioning. "She was saying, 'What are you, come on, tell me, what the f---,'" Graffeo says. Jamie wiggled out again. The woman persisted.
When Graffeo stepped between them, the woman "tried to punch around" him. Graffeo pulled out his cell phone and announced he was calling the police. The woman grabbed the phone from his hand and used it to pound Graffeo in the head and neck. "She said, 'You're not calling anybody,'" Graffeo says. Meanwhile, "a second gal was just pummeling Jamie, hitting him on his head, his neck, his arms." Soon, a car pulled up, and the women jumped inside. Jamie was left with bruises and a concussion. A week later, "he's still purple," says Graffeo. "He's not black and blue, he's purple all over."
Kinda rainbow, you might say. Now, if you insensitive morons ever stop laughing long enough, you might want to read the rest of the story, which includes a rather delicate and ponderous discussion of gay-on-gay violence, a problem more widespread than the Poofter PR brigades in the MSM would like to admit.

Political correctness demands that gay people can only be betrayed in the news media as either (a) heroic role models, courageously living their lives on their own terms, or (b) martyred victims, suffering hateful abuse at the hands of cretinous homophobic Christofascist Republicans.

An examination of the circumstances surrounding the murder of Matthew Shepard doesn't support that reading. Shepard was a dweeby rich college kid rolled by a couple of petty hoodlums who almost certainly never heard of James Dobson. But if you try to argue with the MSM-approved "Martyrdom of Saint Matthew" narrative, it only proves that you're a cretinous homophobic Christofascist Republican. So most people don't bother to argue.

Even further unsubstantiated by evidence is the MSM-approved notion of the "gay community" as one big happy Sister Sledge "We Are Family" singalong, where the leather daddies and the flannel-shirted bulldykes and the glitter-encrusted drag queens all rejoice in celebration of their shared gayness. Complete hogwash.

When you've got a couple of gals so butch they're willing to inject testosterone and undergo mastectomies to pass as men, and yet they cannot visit a lesbian bar for fear they'll be beaten up -- well, in light of such an incident, I think the absurdity of "We Are Family" solidarity is adequately demonstrated.

And if you think these two F2Ms "transmen" got it bad, just imagine the riot that would have ensued if a couple of male-to-female trannygirls should try to pass themselves off as actual women in a lesbian bar.

So, just as we can sneer at the ideological nonsense of feminism (Equality Is For Ugly Losers), we can also chortle derisively at the homosupremacist propaganda that would have us believe gay people enjoy a monopoly on enlightened tolerance.


  1. Well, yeah: and then there is that are-drag-queens-celebrating-women-or-mocking-them argument.

    And I must make the usual disclaimer about how transgendered people aren't usually gay; most of them simply have a chromosomal anomaly.

    But people are people wherever you go, and some of them behave badly.

    And there are a handful of dykes out there who can be major, assholistic bullies. (Ditto men, of course.) And: there is a type of flaming, queeny guy who puts the "aggressive" in passive-aggressive. (And I have a story about that I shall tell you all someday.)

    Unprovoked violence is wrong--no matter who is doing it.

  2. well, in light of such an incident, I think the absurdity of "We Are Family" solidarity is adequately demonstrated.

    I am reminded of a similar myth about the Left as a whole getting exploded last November in West Hollywood, where gays were shouting the "N" word at blacks in and around Hollywood after Prop 8 passed last November. The vote demographics had shown large >70% support fro Prop 8 among black and Hispanic voters, the same ones that helped bring in Obama.

    The Left had conniptions that gays might wake up to the true nature of Leftist tribalism, given the voter demographics... not to mention that huge sword marked "democracy" sticking out of their backs, all covered in the LEft's fingerprints (as it's their favorite weapon to invoke against individual rights).

    So California Leftists ran the equivalent of a "Four Weeks Hate" campaign to direct and vent the simmering LGBT anger against a handy scapegoat -- the Mormons. They weren't fast enough to prevent some, er, "leakage" when the demographic breakdown of the vote came out... but they were successful overall. LGBT bought the line and is still beholden to the Left, united against their "religious" enemies.

  3. This is not a story about tolerance or hypocrisy. It is a story about straight men cruising a lesbian bar and resisting getting thrown out. They knew perfectly well that straight men are not welcome in lesbian bars. Yet they deliberately committed this offense and compounded it by refusing to leave. Now they are playing the victim card. Do not fall for it. It is they who committed the outrage. This was deliberate provocation and violation of the lesbians. How much violation is the lesbian community supposed to tolerate? Those men had pretty much everywhere in the world to meet one another. Lesbians have almost nowhere. The men knew it and still deliberately, cruelly, viciously, intentionally, maliciously violated their space.

    For their next act, I invite them to pose as ex-gays picketing at the biggest gay men's bar in D.C. That's on a par with what they did to the lesbians at the lesbian bar. Oh, and they should definitely be covered in buttons supporting Prop 8.


  4. "We don't kindly to your kind 'round these parts......."