Friday, March 27, 2009

¿Qué pasa?

"Don't we do enough for Mexico already? I mean, we allow millions of their citizens to pour over our border, annually, take jobs that 'Americans won't do,' and then send their earnings back home to boost their economy. Now, we have to start fixing their drug problems, too?"

UPDATE: My old Washington Times buddy Audrey Hudson reports:
American truck drivers operating near the U.S.-Mexico border are being warned of increasing violence among warring drug cartels and told to stay on alert against attacks or hijackings.
"Violence amongst Mexican drug cartels in the border states, on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border, has exponentially increased in the past year," according to the alert from First Observer, a trucking security program funded by a Homeland Security grant.
"Truck drivers carry a risk as they are involved in operations that might interest these criminals," the alert said.
The alert cited the efforts of Mexican President Feilpe Calderon to crack down on cross-border smuggling of drugs, which it says has hurt the cartels' operations.
"With these difficulties, the cartels' gangs have become more aggressive and dangerous with their tactics," the alert said. "Violent crimes have surged throughout border cities and the violence that primarily occurred on the Mexican side has begun to spill into the United States."
Read the reat here.

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