Friday, March 27, 2009

Of Course Drugs Will Be Legalized

by Smitty
Let's review a short list of "obvious" points:
  1. Government is responsible for making us all happy.
  2. Crushing deficits loom.
  3. Recreational drug use is a zero-guilt way to create new revenue streams for the government.
  4. Universal health care is an imperative.
  5. As HotMES notes: "Legalizing drugs would put the Mexican drug gangs out of business a lot quicker and a lot more effectively than anything our two governments can come up with."
Your attention is drawn to #2 and #4. The funding profile for universal health care will be greatly improved if people
a) die earlier while hopped up on whatever
b) curtail their golden years because of the side effects of that youthful hellraising.
In the future, staying blotto will be your patriotic duty. A Kieth Richards constitution will be the only Constitutional requirement for office.

Rule -5: I see an image and I want to paint it black...

A related bit here. (H/T: Instapundit)
"The answer is no, I don't think [legalizing marijuana] is a good strategy to grow the economy.--BHO"
His ability to count to 5 days of sunshine on the Porkulus Bill is all we need to know about how far ahead of the curve the good POTUS is on this growth strategy.

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  1. Maybe so, but who is going to bell the cat? Will they be able to 75 senators and 370 congressmen to co-sponsor the bill? Is Obama going to expend political capital he could better use to get more federal funding for ACORN?