Monday, March 23, 2009

No, Mr. Colmes: It Really Does Bite

by Smitty
Alan Colmes remains a partisan re-arranger of deckchairs on a colossal metaphor:
Even now, Obama is being accused by conservatives of talking down the economy, and fear-mongering when he is doing exactly the opposite. And when he expresses optimism, he’s criticized for that, too.
Could it be that there is an increasing perception/gnawing sensation the POTUS is fiddling while Rome burns? Sure, the crisis wasn't built overnight, and has been caused and analyzed by people with more combined degrees than a magnetic compass. But for those of us simpletons, here are just a couple of pictures for discussion:

Source: Perot Charts

The federal budget is increasingly spoken for. A quick regression across those charts tells me that if you haven't told me the plan to de-fang the Federal government, you haven't told me much. Oh, you want to increase the depth of the Fed's bite? Are you out of your copulating mind, sir?

Then there is household debt, really close to the GDP. This is not a partisan problem. After partying like a rock star, there will be a hangover.

Source: Fabius Maximus

Somewhere in between fear mongering and pollyanna is the stoic assumption of responsibility that's required. But that would be a conservative response, and we'll thus have to wade through a few more years of sewer pipe to get there. Alan, you earn your bread cheerleading for the wrong side. Ponder the Constitution and repent.

Let us keep Barak Obama, the man, in our prayers. There are already enough "banana republic" effects occurring, without venturing into the darker, unspeakable ones. As for the Obama Administration's policies ... let the Tea Parties roll!


  1. Careful--with that last chart, you're almost flogging Dreher's crunchiness...

  2. Looks like the numbers are showing...