Saturday, March 28, 2009

Alan Colmes Has Incredible Insight

By Smitty
Alan claims that Joe the Plumber is now being used by the right wing to speak against the Employee Free Choice Act.
Alan's post could be improved by demonstrating just how he comes by the knowledge that Joe is not a free moral agent. Possibly Joe's common sense allows him to see the handcuffs for what they really are, Alan.
The Free Employee Choice Act/Legislation (FECAL) is a fine set of what Freeberg calls opposite words. Joe represents a blue-collar Inigo Montoya:
Democrats: You don't like the Employee Free Choice Act? INCONCEIVABLE.
Joe: You keep using those words. I do not think they mean what you would have me think they mean.
I'm fairly certain, having met Joe, that he's not a tool. Alan Colmes, not so sure.


  1. Smitty, not only is Joe the Plumber a tool, but he's a horny tool.
    In fairness, I think we can all appreciate the multi-pronged approach of the GOP at this moment. And Joe serves that purpose well as he is sure to attract the troglodyte demographic within the Conservative coalition. Look up " useful idiot" and you will find Joe's stupid mug next to the definition.
    You guys are stuck with him, I guess.
    And until the he rides off gently into to the sunset, Republicans will make use of him as they see fit.
    "Free moral agent"?
    That's the best spin I've heard so far....

  2. @Y4E,
    As stated in the post, I've met Joe, and I don't think him a tool.
    "Stuck with him?" Look, we're sticking with him. Someone's got to dive on that stress grenade. You say "useful idiot", I say "someone speaking simple truth". It would be interesting to have you elaborate exactly you arrive at the conclusion that it's impossible for him to be acting this role willfully and with intention. You seem to have nearly Colmes-ian levels of insight into Joe's actions.

  3. Y4E, are we stuck with him, or is we one of him.

    He's pretty much a regular guy who circumstances and a bit of boldness put on the front row as example A of a typical American working Joe. Ever since he piped up with a question at that Obama rope line, you guys have been acting like he was somehow picked by the Republican party or some conservative caucus. He wasn't.

    Is he looking to cash on his fifteen minutes? Oh, hell yeah. And why not.

    As for who's "stuck" with him. I'd say it was you guys. Just like you're stuck with an entire population that refuses to just get in line as you'd like.