Saturday, May 17, 2008

'White women for Obama'

Colorado State Democratic Convention:
Another Obama supporter was Janice Francis, who recounted her joy when she turned onto East Cheyenne Mountain Road earlier Friday and encountered dozens of Obama and Clinton signs and rows of cars with liberal bumper stickers.
"I never thought I'd see that in Colorado Springs, absolutely not, and I've lived here since high school," said Francis, 65. . . .
Francis and two of her friends, Elana Hanson and Pam Clausen, wore T-shirts they designed and sold that said "ColoradObama." Francis and Hanson are trying to get elected as delegates from the 5th District.
If they win, Clausen said she's going to go to Denver and share their hotel room with them.
"We're white women for Obama," Clausen said.
"Oprah's the one who got us turned on to him," Francis said.
Via Talk Left, where Jeralyn Merritt says, "It's embarrassing to see that these women . . . are from my home state."

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