Friday, May 16, 2008

McCain losing Republicans?

A couple of days ago, I chided See-Dubya for his dismissive attitude toward Bob Barr ("Ron Paul grew a mustache?") but it seems that the potential for conservative alienation increases with the possibility that Lindsey Graham might be McCain's running mate. Now See-Dubya says:
McShamnesty relied on him as his go-to guy and amanuensis on the campaign trail, and they really seem to be two of a kind.
I used to think McCain would be too smart and too considerate of conservative opinion to pick Graham. Recent events have disabused me of such illusions.
I’m sure there’s some payoff for Graham down the line. If that payoff is the VP slot, so help me, I’m writing a check for $20 to Bob Barr on the spot. I’ve promised myself I’d never vote for a candidate who advocated the legalization of narcotics, but I don’t recall any promises about sending him money. And if you think that the GOP is bummed now, there will be open revolt if Graham gets too prominent a post.
Frankly, I think Graham's angling for attorney general, rather than VP, but the longer conservatives look at McCain, the less they like him. See-Dubya sees others thinking that way:
I was listening to Glenn Beck a little while ago and he was venting about the Feinstein/Craig shamnesty sneak, and he paused and told his producer: "You know what? Book Bob Barr for another hour for TV next week, and an hour for radio."
BTW, if anyone in the DC area wants to meet Bob Barr, he'll be at a Reason magazine event next Tuesday, along with three other candidates for the Libertarian Party nomination.

UPDATE: Newsweek magazine has a Q&A with Barr.

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