Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Over at the American Spectator blog, I linked Rush Limbaugh's discussion of Tuesday's Mississippi congressional defeat, which El Rushbo blames on "the Republican establishment . . . the country club types who are in the process of destroying the Republican Party . . . the pseudoconservatives of the New York Times and the DC-New York media establishment who think that Rockefeller Republicanism and country club Republicanism is the future of the party."

There can be no doubt, I believe, that Limbaugh is talking about David Brooks, Bill Kristol, Michael Gerson and other such Republican critics of limited-government conservatism. By the way, as James Antle notes, Gerson's column today -- as usual, hyping Bush's "compassionate" agenda -- got a quick smackdown from Dr. Coburn:
Unfortunately, all Gerson has shown is that demagoguery is the last refuge of a former administration official looking for a legacy.
Ouch. The gormless Gerson deserved that.

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