Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good Charlotte kills

The latest fatal fad for kids:
Hannah was a happy 13-year-old until she became an 'emo' - part of a sinister teenage craze that romanticises death. Three months later she hanged herself. Here, her devastated mother tells other parents: No child is safe.
On the night before she died, she came into their room, kissed her father Raymond on the cheek and cheerfully told him: "I love you, Dad."
The following day Hannah's mother Heather went to check on her daughter and found her hanging by a tie from the top rail of her bunk bed. . . .
Why on earth did their daughter — a popular, intelligent and attractive girl — do such a thing?
They could find only one clue: Hannah was what is known as an "emo".
Some describe it as a cult or a sect, but in reality the term — derived from the word "emotional" — encapsulates a trend that is becoming hugely popular among Britain's schoolchildren. . . .
Hair is all-important: often dyed black and straightened, it is worn in a long fringe brushed to one side of the face.
Music also plays a critical role.
Emos like guitar-based rock with emotional lyrics.
American bands such as My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte and Blink 182 are particular favourites.
Let's face it, suicide sometimes reflects a rational assessment: "OMG! I'm the kind of pathetic wuss who listens to Blink 182!" The amazing thing is that all Blink 182 fans haven't killed themselves. Yet.

Parents, if you've got a teenager, just don't let them listen to any of that "emo" crap, which is for losers, nerds and wienies. Make sure your kids listen to the Stones, Zep, ZZ Top, Van Halen -- good old red-blooded rock 'n' roll, man.

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  1. How can a band who wrote the lyrics…

    “It`s Labor day and my grandpa just ate seven f**kin' hot dogs
    and he sh*t, sh*t, sh*ts his pants.
    He's always f**kin' sh*ttin his pants”

    …be blamed for some depressed kid killing herself? Blame the parents.