Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pre-teen pole dancers?

Michelle Malkin rightly denounces as "pedophilia chic," Beyonce's new line of slutwear for toddlers. In the process, she links back to her own post from October (a post I must have missed at the time) about a scene from "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," in which a Hollywood producer records video of Bruce Jenner's pre-teen daughters (Kim Kardashian's half-sisters) dancing on a stripper pole:

Where are the feminists who should be denouncing this exploitative crap? Teaching 9- and 11-year girls to imitate strippers? Might as well sign them up now as Future Dates of Elliott Spitzer.

It's not just celebrity sleazoids who are pushing to sexualize kids. I reported about the academic pro-pedophile movement in 2002.


  1. Rhetorical one here: What kind of a person has a stripper pole in their house?

  2. I think Michelle is a little off the mark on this one. The Beyonce clothing line may be a little trendy/ugly, but it's not exploitive. All the girls are covered. It's pretty clear that they are playing dress up -- putting on Mommy's makeup, high heels, etc. After play time, good parents put the makeup away and tell their girls their too young to wear it outside the house.

    Regarding Jenner's daughters, I think it's more likely that they're making fun of dumb strippers and "Girls Gone Wild" chicks. If you've seen other episodes, you'd see that these jabs are frequently made at Kim's expense. I saw the entire episode with the stripper pole. At the end of this clip, you see their brother come in and yell at his friend. Later Bruce Jenner flips out and says they aren't supposed to be in his bedroom.

    Anyway, we have a bunch of real problems in the world. Michelle is usually good on those issues and I wish she would focus on them instead of crying wolf every time an 8 year-old puts on lipstick.