Wednesday, May 14, 2008

'Please come to Denver'

Thousands of left-wing freaks are coming to Denver, and the city's freaking out:
Planning for the worst during the Democratic National Convention requires one of the best, and that expertise doesn’t come cheap.
Denver is paying $225 an hour - or $9,000 a week - to Ellis M. Stanley Sr., an emergency management veteran who has been tapped to serve as director of DNC planning for the city’s Office of Emergency Management.
Stanley, who has overseen planning for major events including the 1988 Democratic convention and the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, stands to make up to $280,000 while under contract with the city through August.
The 1996 Olympics -- yeah, that turned out swell.

Michelle Malkin has dubbed Stanley an "expert on moonbat management," but I wonder if Denver put this job up for bids? I probably could have come up with a lot cheaper security plan for the Democratic convention. Hire a bunch of bitter Bible-clinging gun-toters, give 'em plenty of .12-gauge shotgun ammunition, and if anybody wants to start any trouble, Go ahead, punk, make my day.

P.S.: The post title is from the second verse of Dave Loggins' 1974 hit, "Please Come to Boston":

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