Sunday, May 11, 2008

A very bad idea

Nude vacation resorts. Notice that none of the nude vacationers pictured in this New York Times travel feature are young and attractive.

A bunch of ugly old naked people? That's not a vacation. That's day shift in a nursing home: "Are you ready for you bath, Mr. Ferguson?"

People have been pushing this nudism thing for years, and yet the people involved with it continue to be the same old freaks. Nudism sounded interesting back in the '60s, when groovy hippie chicks were getting naked at Woodstock or letting it all hang out at a commune in the woods with a Zen guru. Far out! Peace! Love!

That all ended when the hippie chicks discovered capitalism, which eventually led to nudie bars. None of those women in the New York Times article about nudist resorts was good-looking enough to work in a nudie bar. Heck, a couple of those dames looked like they could be bouncers in a nudie bar.

So, basically, this $300-a-night nudie resort in Mexico is about a bunch of sick old freaks and their fat ugly girlfriends walking around naked.

Paying $300 a night to hang out naked in Mexico with a retired insurance executive named Bernie? No thanks, I'll stay home.


  1. I certainly wouldn’t ever stay there, but I’m thinking I could make my fortune selling sun block from a kiosk by the pool. Fat old people have a lot more skin to cover.

  2. Hi Robert,
    My name is Tom Mulhall. My wife and I own The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort located in sunny Palm Springs, CA. We were one of the resorts mentioned in the New York Times article.

    Since you have not been to a nudist resort, you do not know how relaxing and fun the best ones are. People of all ages relax at nudist resorts like ours in Palm Springs.

    Unfortunaltely, people such as yourself make fun of nudism and nudist resorts so that younger people normally do NOT allow themselves to be photographed as they are afraid of retaliation from employers and being mocked by bloggers.

    Thus, basically, retired people are the only nudists who let themselves be photographed because they do not have to worry about employers.

    Nudist resorts are not at all like topless bars. They are places to relax.

    Nudist resorts are very European. For instance 1 out of every 7 Germans vacations at a nudist resort each year. In Spain ALL beaches are topless and some of the best beaches are nude. Europeans have a very healthy attitude towards the naked human body, thus they have a much lower incident of rape and teenage pregnancy compared to Americans immature attitude.

    Maybe you and your wife should come out to sunny Palm Springs and visit our resort and see why we have the 2nd highest occupancy rate of all hotels in Palm Springs.

  3. well spoken
    having visited the special places like terra cotta and sea mountain inn- both nude resorts -sea mountain just being a bit younger in spirit we think he hit it on the nose