Monday, May 12, 2008

Liberal love

Got this e-mail today:
you are really a piece of pure, rancid filth.
but, then so are most fascists and cheney regime apologists/supporters/ass lickers.
what an utter waste of flesh you creeps are.
have a nice day!!
My correspondent didn't say what I'd done to upset him, but I suppose it was my argument that Halliburton/KBR cannot automatically be assumed responsible for the rape of one of its contract employees in Iraq.

That argument was linked at a left-wing blog, where it was suggested that I was endorsing rape. In fact, I was arguing against the "sue somebody" mentality of tort lawyers who will seize on any opportunity to stage courtroom raids on the profits of major corporations:
Americans routinely sue their employers for millions, then have the effrontery to complain about the lack of "good jobs."
Because KBR is (or was) a subsidiary of Halliburton, and because Cheney was once CEO of Halliburton, some people are willing to believe anything bad they're told about the company. As I said, "the facts of the legal case remain to be examined," but it seems to me a stretch to assume that KBR bears civil liability for a criminal act like rape, an act that the company itself surely condemns.

Why do our ACLU-loving liberal friends never extend the "presumption of innocence" to corporations? Do the stockholders of KBR have no rights?

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