Thursday, May 15, 2008

Malkin on McCain

Crazy Cousin John's "vision" speech is "pure fantasy," Michelle says:
McCain’s problem is that he has allied himself, for the unprincipled, empty cause of mindless "bipartisanship," with people and causes that move our country in the wrong direction.
I don't want a Republican presidential nominee who makes common cause with La Raza/The Race.
I don't want a Republican presidential nominee who sneers about profits like Ralph Nader.
I don't want a Republican presidential nominee who talks and walks like Al Gore.
And as I’ve said before in response to the annoying McCain platitudes about "reaching across the aisle" and 'getting things done':
When did it become the Republican Party’s top priority to “get things done?"
All the MSM pundits keep wondering when McCain is going to try to patch things up with disaffected conservatives. Obviously, the answer is, he's not. So far as the Republican nominee is concerned, conservatives can stay home on Election Day.

Good luck with that strategy, cuz.

UPDATE: Jeff in Tennessee dislikes my earlier criticism of the "rally 'round the GOP nominee" argument, then goes into a sort of lesser-of-two-evils plea on McCain's behalf.

I will reiterate that it is not my job to elect Republicans. A job implies pay, and while the Republican Party routinely shells out millions to strategists, consultants, etc., none of that money has found its way into my pocket. We see what kind of advice the GOP is getting, and what kind of results their overpaid advisers produce.

It is my independent assessment that the Republican Party is screwed up, that the nomination of John McCain is proof positive of how screwed up the party is, and that the election of John McCain would not remedy the fundamental problem, but rather aggravate it.

You can keep taking your cues from the GOP's paid agents, or you can think for yourself. At some point, conservatives must identify and pay heed to the line between "Republican" and "conservative." Otherwise we'll all end up as lackeys for the Republican Establishment.

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  1. 1) That is Steve in Tennessee. Jeff is a kid that I finally poked in the nose for being a bully some 30 years ago...

    2) I did not issue a "plea" for Senator McCain as "the lesser of two evils." I asked, again, "What possible good can come from electing Barack Obama to the presidency?" That is a question you have yet to address. However, that question and point was only incidental to the main two points (see 3 and 4).

    3) "All politics is local." I stated that if conservatives wish to have a conservative GOP candidate, they must work to get that candidate starting at the grass roots level and progress upwards. If we do not have conservative party chiefs on the local level, we won't have conservative leadership at the national level. I then outlined the three things I thought ordinary citizens like myself should do to install conservative leadership at the local level.

    4) I also condemned those who abandon the GOP through the vain need for self gratification. You keep referring to this "paid" gig that the GOP hasn't offered you. Maybe the Dems pay people to vote and become involved in local party activity, but so far I haven't seen the GOP do so, and I held local office from 2001 to 2005. Being paid isn't what this is about. This is about electing governance that reflects our conservative values.