Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary's Hillbilly Heaven

Oh, what a beautiful sight at TPM from John Marshall, who provides this map of Appalachia:

And then this map of counties where Hillary's won Democratic primaries by 65% or more:

Marshall then asks, "So what is it about this region?" Hey, man, ask Obama. We're just bitter, and that's all there is to it.

Sing it, Tex:


  1. It's fun to hear him read the names to come -- and how many have joined Tex

    including his son

  2. Yeah, so what's interesting is that there are segments of both the Democratic and Republican Parties who aren't going to vote for their prospective presidential candidates this year. Hillary's Hillbillies aren't likely to flock to Nader either. So it’s a least possible, although maybe not likely, that Bob Barr can somehow glue together a coalition of disaffected Republicans and Democrats and really put the election into disarray.