Sunday, May 11, 2008

Confused women in W. Va.

A mass mailing leads to mass confusion:
The Secretary of State's office is reminding first-time voters that the deadline to register to vote in Tuesday's primary already has passed.
Betty Ireland said she's worried that a mass mailing aimed at getting young women in West Virginia to register to vote might cause confusion.
A group called "Women's Voices. Women Vote" sent out more than 16,000 mailers to unmarried women in the state after April 22, the last day to register in time to vote Tuesday.
People who've never voted can still register, but they won't be eligible to cast a ballot in the primary.
Confused women, running late. No surprise there.

You may remember "Women's Voices. Women Vote" (WVWV) as the group responsible for the suspicious North Carolina robo-calls. WVWV has received grants from the left-wing Tides Foundation. In March, WVWV was one of several groups (including La Raza, ACORN, and the AFL-CIO) that announced a coalition to make "the most expensive mobilization in history" for voter turnout this year.

Can't wait to see Don Surber's reaction to this news. What? West Virginia women weren't confused enough already, without these "outside agitators" coming in to confuse them further?

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  1. maybe sexist comments are just an ongoing shtick for you or something, but comments like "Confused women, running late. No surprise there" are the sort of thing that make liberals assume all conservatives are scumbags. I was reading your blog with a relatively open mind for a while there, but now it just feels like a waste of time. at least it took longer to hit that point than it does with, say, Fox news. so, kudos on that.