Thursday, May 8, 2008

What we really need . . .

. . . is more committees:
Today, the news is out that House Minority Leader John Boehner has decided the solution to regaining the majority is - wait for it - forming a new committee.
This committee will advise the main National Republican Congressional Committee, the committee that actually goes out and looks for Republicans to run for office, helps fund their campaigns, and talks them up in the media.
Boehner’s new committee won’t be doing any of that, though. It’ll just be advising the NRCC. What’s more, there will be members of the NRCC on the new committee where they will, one can only suppose, spend time advising themselves (can’t you go blind from that?).
Isn’t that exciting? The Republican Party is falling into ruin all about Boehner and his answer is to form a committee that will, according to one of the new committee’s members, “show that Boehner and NRCC Chairman Tom Cole ‘understand’ that they need to work closely together”.
Whoo! Feel the energy there, will you?
In other news that will generate sarcastic eye-rolling, John McCain has indeed learned a lesson about immigration -- he just learned the wrong one.

I've been kind of busy covering the Democrat primaries and trying to avert my eyes from the impending GOP train-wreck. Obviously, however, we need to start collecting these omens of the Republican apocalypse so that on November 5, we can say, "Told ya so."

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