Saturday, May 10, 2008

Obamessiah watch

Chicago is one of the most corrupt cities in America. It's also been a Democratic Party bastion for more than 70 years. Mere coincidence. John Kass of the Chicago Tribune writes:
The presumptive Democratic presidential candidate's politics were born in Chicago. Yet he is presented to the nation as not truly being of this place, as if he floats just above the political corruption here, uninfected, untouched by the stain of it or by any sin of commission or omission. It is all so very mystical.
Perhaps viewing Obama as a Chicago political creature would conflict with the established national media narrative of Obama as a reformer.
Actually, there's no "perhaps" about it.
"I think I have done a good job in rising politically in this environment without being entangled in some of the traditional problems of Chicago politics," Obama told reporters and editors at a Tribune editorial board meeting several weeks ago. Yes, an excellent job.
Except for his dalliance with his indicted real estate fairy, Tony Rezko, a relationship Obama considers a mistake, the senator has not played the fly to Mayor Richard Daley's spider. Almost, but not quite.
Rezko's a "mistake," just like Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright are "mistakes." Any scandal that pops up, Obama says "mistake" and his media disciples nod their heads in worshipful silence. Speaking of Obama's disciples, the New York Times has a glowing Obama profile, celebrating his "pragmatic" politics, prompting this rejoinder from pro-Clinton Democrat blogger Jeralyn Merritt:
He dumped his Palestinian friends like Rashid Khalidi when he decided to go after the Jewish vote. . , . If I were a Palestinian, I'd be upset too. If I were a strong Israel supporter, I'd be nervous. See the Times article on pages 5 and 6, about how once he got introduced to Chicago's billionaire Crown family and sought its campaign contributions, he moved towards supporting Israel.
A political mirror, a chameleon, an empty vessel, a blank slate, a screen onto which desperate souls project their hopes. (Note to self: Buy DVD, re-watch A Face in The Crowd.)

UPDATE: Susan at Larry Johnson's "No Quarter" blog notes that Corrente Wire has excerpted and analyzed the NYT profile:
Others see his deft movements as a politician shifting positions and alliances for strategic advantage, leaving some disappointed and baffled about where he really stands.
“He has a pattern of forming relationships with various communities and as he takes his next step up, kind of distancing himself from them and then positioning himself as the bridge,” said Ali Abunimah, a Palestinian-American author and co-founder of the online publication Electronic Intifada, who became acquainted with Mr. Obama in Chicago. . . .
That seems to be a familiar pattern with Obama - it’s “buddies for life” while he needs them, then he forgets about them when they are no longer useful, or tosses them under the bus when they become inconvenient. This doesn’t bode well for the OFB …
… this hotshot “civil rights” attorney has nothing to show for his experience. Most people who run on their record have a record to run on. Even Rudy Giuliani made his name going after organized crime. …
It seems everything Obama does benefits Obama. Every job, every friendship, is just part of the same pattern.

Everything to everybody; Chicago's own Lonesome Rhodes. Another benefit of Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" is thus illustrated. By pushing the Democratic primary campaign further along, "Operation Chaos" has afforded the Clintonistas a greater opportunity to get bitter and cyncial about Obama and the Democratic Party machinery that apparently has delivered him the nomination.

Depending on the outcome here, we may be looking at a bumper crop of ex-Democrats in the near future. Disillusioned ex-Democrats are some of the most fierce and effective conservatives. I remind you that Ronald Reagan was an ex-Democrat.

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