Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

If we can believe Lawrence O'Donnell -- and I remind you, he is a Democrat -- Hillary will disdain the Bluto approach:
A senior campaign official and Clinton confidante has told me that there will be a Democratic nominee by June 15. He could not bring himself to say the words "Hillary will drop out by June 15," but that is clearly what he meant. I kept saying, "So, Hillary will drop out by June 15," and he kept saying, "We will have a nominee by June 15." . . . The Clinton campaign has not lost its grip on reality.
So the possibility of Hillary driving the Delta "Deathmobile" to Denver now, unfortunately, appears remote.

Today at her appearance in West Virginia -- you can read my brief report at the AmSpec blog -- the press corps kept battering Hillary with different variations of the same question: "When will you quit?" She resisted the temptation to say anything rude or make obscene gestures.

What a strong woman. If she needs advice . . .


  1. But what if she had 10,000 marbles?

  2. Are you certain that she is not continuing simply to get repaid for her loans to the campaign?

    To continued he had to reverse last nights showing with a 10 to 15% swing in each state.