Friday, May 9, 2008

Lanny Davis discovers media bias

One of the beautiful things about this year:
Davis said he told a producer several times before getting on-air that he wanted to offer a counterpoint to CNN’s panel, which he thinks is too pro-Obama.
Regarding the panel's make-up, Davis said that he believes Gloria Borger, David Bergen, Donna Brazile and Carl Bernstein are all tougher on Clinton than on her rival. And he maintains that Roland Martin is definitely a “partisan for Obama.” (Martin has not official endorsed Obama and is not labeled as such on the network,)
“I have seen the stacked deck on the so-called panels, which always struck me as imbalanced against Hillary on Election Night,” Davis said, adding that a producer assured him there would be “equal time.”
So after waiting for nearly 90 minutes, Davis finally got on the air only to hear Cooper’s “sarcastic crack about anti-Clinton conspiracy.”
“I literally had to take a breath,” Davis said.

There is nothing so dangerous to Democrats as a liberal who's finally seen the light, and this increasingly bitter feud is likely to yield a bumper crop of disillusioned ex-Democrats.

Speaking of which, how soon before the Wall Street Journal or USA Today publishes a devastating op-ed column by Zell Miller? No rush. If I was advising Zell, I'd advise tell him to wait until right before the Democratic convention.

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