Monday, May 5, 2008

Pundit or politico?

Bill Kristol endeavors to pick the GOP running mate in the pages of the New York Times.

What's up with this crap? Are you a journalist, or are you a Republican campaign operative?

Am I the only one who's noticed this trend? Maybe it's caused by the rise of cable TV news, giving these GOP bigwigs (Kristol was a staffer for Dan Quayle) the chance to go on TV and give unsolicited campaign advice. Pretty soon, people become confused and get the idea that a journalist is someone whose job is to tell politicians what to do.

All I know is, it's annoying the crap out of me, because everybody's starting to imitate this type of stuff. Go over to and it's like walking into a seminar at a Republican campaign-consultant convention. It's boring. Leave the politicking to the politicians.

UPDATE: Greetings AmCon blog readers! Clark Stooksbury calls Kristol "a first rate hack." Kristol would probably take that as a compliment, but why does Stooksbury insult hacks this way? Experts on hackery have never ranked Kristol any better than third-rate.

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  1. Kristol (and webloggers at Redstate and myself) aren't journalists or Republican operatives--at least I'm not at the moment. We're opinion writers and makers. While I disagree with Kristol's push for Jindal it stirs up discussion.