Friday, May 9, 2008

Allah's in love!

First it was Mary Katharine Ham. Then it was Kirsten Powers. Now the mysterious Allahpundit says:
You had me at hello, Chelsea. Mom in 2008!

Always eager to help young lovebirds, I sent Allah the e-mail address for the Clinton press office so he could request media credentials for a Saturday fundraising event in New York. And I added this note:
It's not that hard, really. They're so desperate for favorable coverage at this point, they'll let anybody in. Hell's bells, man, on Wednesday, I was just a few feet away from Chelsea -- she actually signed an autograph for my kids.
I CC Ace on the suspicion that either (a) you two are like Clark Kent and Superman, or (b) Chelsea's got a soft spot for Ewoks.
Li'l ol' matchmaker me.

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