Monday, May 5, 2008

Cynical? Who me?

Wonder why I'm so cynical about politics?
[A]s part of his commitment to talking with all Americans during this presidential campaign, the McCain presidential campaign announced that John McCain will attend the La Raza Annual Convention in San Diego on July 14, 2008.
Via Michelle Malkin, who says:
The campaign justifies his appearance by framing it as a gesture of inclusiveness and outreach. . . . Yes, they see it as an act of tolerance to legitimize the militantly open borders, anti-immigration enforcement, ethnic nationalists who call themselves "The Race."
Michelle has a lot of background about El Bastardo de Mentira and his relentless open-borders pandering, so be sure to read it all.

He is the Republican Party's nominee for president. You know, the conservative Republican Party -- you remember them, don't you?

I'll update later, after I finish vomiting.

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