Friday, May 9, 2008

Cold comfort for Clintonistas

Hillary supporter Larry Johnson laments:
[T]he screwed-up, patchwork system the Democrats are using to choose delegates has given small states, which are unlikely to be in the Democratic column come November, inordinate influence.
At the same time, the big states that will play an instrumental role in the November general election--New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Texas, and California--are being treated like they are Iowa and Idaho. . . .
This goes to something that Hillary said at her press conference Wednesday in West Virginia:
Look, if we had the rules that the Republicans have, I'd already be the nominee. If they had our rules, they'd still be fighting it out.
The "winner-take-all" Republican primaries -- and Romney's early surrender -- were what allowed John McCain to cinch the GOP nomination in February. Meanwhile, Team Clinton made a series of strategic miscalculations, as Time's Karen Tumulty has explained.

The Democrats' system of proportional allotment of primary delegates, and the oddly undemocratic "superdelegate" system, have prevented the very outcome they were intended to guarantee -- i.e., the nomination of an Establishment-approved candidate. The Republican system . . . well, they do at least have a nominee.

Johnson continues:
Hillary's only hope is that the super delegates will come to their senses and realize that Barack Obama's relationships with the corrupt Tony Rezko, the racist-wife stealing Jeremiah Wright, and the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers will provide the Republicans with ammunition they have never had at hand to use against the Democrats' candidate. This is particularly true of that flag stomper, Bill Ayers. . . .
In reality, it will be the relationship with Bill Ayers that will empower the Republicans to destroy the candidacy of Barack Obama.
When a Democrat's only hope is that Democrats will "come to their senses," that's not much hope at all. Obama appears to have won the Democratic nomination, but he has won it under such circumstances that his chances of election in November are dim.

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  1. It's a savage of a system... The Democrats can forget my vote if they think I'm voting for some latte liberal.