Monday, May 5, 2008

PETA: Who cares about humans?

Neil Cavuto just had on his Fox News show a PETA spokeswoman to discuss the death of second-place finisher Eight Belles after Saturday's Kentucy Derby. PETA wants the jockey suspended:
PETA is calling for the immediate suspension of jockey Gabriel Saez -- who whipped Eight Belles mercilessly as she came down the final stretch, no doubt in agony from two front legs that were about to snap.
While the trainers, jockeys, and owners may weep their crocodile tears today over Eight Belles' euthanasia, they will be back on the track tomorrow, putting other horses at risk.
PETA is also calling for an end to gambling at horse races -- which is the whole point of the sport.
The PETA spokeswoman on Cavuto (whose first name was Lisa) insisted Saez suspended despite the absence of evidence that the jockey did anything wrong.

That race horses are whipped down the home stretch is not exactly an earth-shattering revelation. There is no reason to suspect that Saez knew that there was anything wrong with Eight Belles, or that his whipping the horse -- or anything else he did during the Derby -- was related to the injury that led to her being euthanized.

Saez is a professional jockey -- it's how he makes his living. So Cavuto says to the PETA woman, do you really want to suspend him, putting a black mark on his career, without any evidence of wrongdoing on his part? And the PETA woman says, who cares? Cavuto comes back with, wait a minute, I just want to be clear, you're saying the horse is more important than this guy's career? The PETA woman says, I don't care about him, he needs to be suspended immediately.

There's your PETA philosophy in a nutshell: Horses are more important than human beings. It's not about "animal rights." They want animal supremacy.

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