Monday, May 5, 2008

Future GOP campaign ad?

Attention, Indiana and North Carolina Democrats. This is Bill Ayers:

(Via Marathon Pundit and Michelle Malkin.) Ayers, a former Weather Underground terrorist, helped Barack Obama start his political career, including donating to Obama's Illinois State Senate campaign. Ayers continues to make excuses for the Weather Underground's murderous bombing spree.

You, the Democratic primary voters of Indiana and North Carolina, have to ask yourselves one question: "What will Karl Rove do with this kind of crap?"

Besides the radical ranting Rev. Wright, Obama is now clearly linked to this flag-stomping terrorist bomber. If you think Rove & Co. will just let that slide by between now and November -- if you can't picture in your mind the Republican TV commercials -- please feel free to vote for Hope and Change and other things that ain't gonna happen if the Republicans win.

Your call.

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