Monday, May 5, 2008

Battlestar: The Saga Continues

Honestly, I'm too piqued over Crazy Cousin John's latest idiocy to do another long coffee-spewing post in response to Jimmie's reponse to my response to his response to my response to his fanboy post about Battlestar Galactica. (Yeah, this is as exciting as a game of Pong on a 1978 Atari system.) But three quick points worth mentioning:
  • Other observers share my thoughts about a deficiency of imagination: "I'm not sure why it isn't the greatest show of all time. Cause I would think they would have a lot of giggly pillow fights and sexy bondage parties in space. I know I would. It's space, man. No rules."
  • Jimmie's amazing ability (and desire) to mount a detailed 700-word defense of a space show that airs on the SciFi cable network rather brings us back to my original point, eh?
  • How come the only redhead on the show is 56-year-old Mary McDonnell? The young hotties are blonde, blonde, and Asian. Don't they have any young redhead hotties in space?
Was there some kind of space virus that wiped out all the redheads except President Laura Roslin? Have they tried everything to restore the breed? Is there any hope? Because if there's no redhead hotties in space, that's not a fantasy, that's a nightmare.

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  1. Mary Mcdonnell is a fraking hottie! You're crazy.