Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sanford had better produce some grist

by Smitty

All of the noise being made about something had better have a point in the next news cycle or two, or it's going to look like the Left is just firing for effect in order to distract from any of the half-dozen scandals, to paraphrase Douglas Adams, swirling in the air around the Obama administration the way bricks don't.


  1. Dude was clearly fitting in some "man time" in his busy schedule.

    Most libbies don't understand that concept.

    Makes Gov. Sanford that much cooler in my eyes.

  2. Colmes was one of the first out of the gate with Trig Trutherism. Along with Sullivan, his hysteria has eliminated whatever shred of credibility he might have once had. Maybe someone can let me know when he rejoins reality.

  3. Jack Hunter, who lives in South Carolina, mentions over at Taki's that it's not just the left that have it out for Sanford. The supposed good guys, i.e. "Republicans," have been just as vocal and ugly about this incident as the flippant lefties.

    It looks like the party believers need to spend a little more time with S.Carolina Republicans to bring home the point that "if we don't hang together, then we shall all hang separately." Fat chance. Machiavellian politics reigns supreme, regardless of ideas and party affiliation.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg1kqenUyyI

    Tim Kaine (Part time Gov. of VA) does this all the time..

    not sure what the big deal it.

  5. hawhaw!!
    turns out your boy was in Argentina( at least that's the latest story).
    Argentina---Appalachia...that's pretty close, isn't it?
    for all the countless sheep that were defending him the last couple of days, what do you make of this latest twist?
    Sound reasonable to you that a US Governor disappears on Father's Day weekend without telling a soul?
    Yes, I know, this is all a Liberal Media Bias conspiracy...
    Oh, brother. Another one bites the dust!

  6. @Y4E,
    You're correct, a unapproved trip to Argentina is clearly a thought crime, and Sanford should be pilloried for not clearing it with ToM's zampolit.

  7. @Y4E,
    Well, well, well: a rat is born.
    Let us hope that the media keeps up this level of pressure at both the state and national levels.