Saturday, June 27, 2009

FedEx vs. UPS: What's Up?

Chuck Muth has a post about a proposed policy change that is opposed by FedEx (and Rush Limbaugh). You should read the whole thing, because (a) it was sent to me by someone who said my name was recommended by Orit Sklar; and (b) it contains this paragraph:
Unions suck. Big Labor generally stands for paying every employee the same amount of money even if one worker does a great job and another one sleeps all day. I believe labor unions are a doorway to socialism in the United States and if I had my way, I’d outlaw all of them - especially government workers unions, and super-especially teachers unions.
Union-hating and Orit-Sklar-name-checking? Yeah. Read the whole thing.


  1. Chuck Muth misses a salient point: Both laws are asinine. Arguing FedEx should be under asinine law A instead of asinine law B is, well, asinine. How about we, instead, voice the opinon that both laws should be gotten rid of?

    This coming from a former FedEx Express breadtruck driver (they do do semi's too, by the way, I mean, we handled 9/11 pretty damned well) and the son of a former non-unionized Schnieder OTR driver.

    I'd have posted this comment over there, but I kept getting a 404 message when I tried.

  2. Overlooked in the discussion and relevant is recognition of the basis for the different handling of FedEx vs UPS. UPS is a package delivery company. Their business model was established as take package on truck to recipient--largely a surface, 3-5 day operation. Hence they fall under their particular oppressive government interference regulations.

    FedEX Express (the modifier is important) was established as an over-night air delivery service. Take important document, fly to hub in Memphis, fly to destination and deliver by 10AM. Hence application of different oppressive government interference legislation.

    Basic law--government bad. Corollary--unions not good for consumers. Unimportant secondary conclusion--understanding of the issue may or may not have relevance to discussion.