Monday, June 22, 2009

Cynthia Yockey: Bravo!

by Smitty

It's time for a Cynthia Yockey roundup. Here efforts have vast tactical and strategic importance.
Tactically, there is the obvious matter of the tasteless jokes. That horse has been thoroughly beaten. However, do not underestimate the value to women in general, and Governor Palin in particular, of Cynthia's efforts. The Governor was flogged remorselessly in the press during the '08 campaign. Letterman's remarks are evidence that any previous defensive efforts were moot. This is not to sell any other efforts short, but there you have it.
Strategically, irrespective of Governor Palin and her family, Cynthia Yockey is holding a seminar in How Stuff Gets Done. Conservatives: in other than a handful of very narrow religious cases, I can recall scant evidence of "us" ever doing much to influence the culture. Lousier and lousier movies and shows come out, and there is some muttering, but little in the way of tangible feedback. Certainly, the world needs no more Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson "action figures" running around like solutions in search of problems. However, there is plenty of need for sincere, honest, positive leadership to alter the course of society back in the direction of simple courtesy.
In reverse chronological order, Cynthia has given us the following:
Support this effort, and salt away skills that will be crucial for everyone's long term good.

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  1. I'm backing Cynthia all the way.
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