Friday, June 26, 2009

The Monstrosity From Hell That Will
Destroy the American Economy

Latest update on Waxman-Markey at The American Spectator:
According to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, Henry Waxman just tacked on another 300 pages in the dead of night! This monstrosity is like one of those 1950s sci-fi creatures that just keeps growing and growing . . .
Read the rest, if you dare. What is the evil bipartisan virus that plagues Washington, D.C., and turns members of Congress into pod people compelled to wreak vengeance on the voters who elected them?

Most of these Democrats are from states whose industrial economies would be devastated by Waxman-Markey. This resembles nothing so much as the way urban Democrats have spent the past 50 years pushing liberal legislation that harms no one -- not even taxpayers -- so much as it harms the downtrodden inner-city poor whose interests Democrats claim as their personal comfort-blanket of moral authority.


UPDATE: Debate? We don't need no stinkin' debate!


  1. Boehner is tearing into it right now. It's encouraging to see that the Speaker is letting him go as long as he wants to speak, despite Waxman's whining about it.

  2. So it passed the house and of course people are pissed but I have to say I am a little more pissed at our side because I have the feeling that once again we will just let this B.S, slide on by.

  3. The founding fathers have nothing on us. Taxation without representation? At least they knew what the laws were. This is taxation without illumination. If the bastards passing these laws don't even know what they're voting for, why should we bother obeying them?