Monday, June 22, 2009

Iran, briefly

What would Jeanne Kirkpatrick say about Barack Obama's response to the Iran crisis? Just ask Smitty, who has today's "300 Words Or Less" editorial at

Sorry if I haven't been doing much Iran-blogging the past few days. Ever since I saw Michelle Malkin's column Wednesday, I've been all IG-Gate scandal (almost) all the time. You can see the long Sunday thread at Hot Air and get the basics, and go to Memeorandum for anything Ed and Allah might have missed. I'll try to catch up Monday morning at

Exhaustion has consequences . . .


  1. MUST remember this:

    Jeffrey Goldberg: "The overarching goal is to see the birth of a democratic Iran, not to make ourselves feel good, or get in the way."

  2. Obviously -although it's the last thing Team Obama wants to hear- Ronald Reagan's support of Poland's Solidarity in the dark days of the Soviet-ordered crackdown is the model here- not the preposterous straw-man argument of "what are you going to do, invade?" disingenuously presented by the do-nothing, Obamapologist left.

    And isn’t this what George W Bush told you was going to happen in the Middle East in the wake of Iraq’s liberation?
    Maybe that’s why Barack Obama has so little apparent interest in finishing the job in Iran… no matter how much it benefits the US and free world.

    That, and the fact that he’s already piled all his chips on legitimizing this vile regime- and a democratic revolution at this point would be downright embarrassing for him.