Friday, June 26, 2009

Great Moments in Blogging History

The blogospheric debut of Ohio University senior Jesse Hathaway seems auspicious:
On a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being "I Shall Name My First-Born Son After You" and 1 being "You Are Dead To Me," the current governor, Ted Strickland, ranks somewhere around a -2. I supported Blackwell back in 2006, but when Strickland won the race, I gave a resounding "meh".
Thou art the Ohio Snark King, sir! A gut hunch tells me you stole the format of that joke from Ace of Spades, but if so, you've done well with the purloined merchandise.

Don't sweat it, kid. I've stolen lots of stuff from Ace, and he's not the only victim of my online shoplifting spree. Every time a Republican gets caught in a scandal, I seize the excuse to recycle Ann Coulter's "Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment" without even a twinge of conscience, and Miss Coulter has yet to complain.

Now, take some advice from Mr. Million Hits:
  • Add Little Miss Attila to your blogroll, pronto;
  • Install on your blog both SiteMeter and Technorati; and
  • Start looking for excuses to link me.
Further instructions will follow. E-mail Smitty the next time you post something, which had damn well better be today, and something about Waxman-Markey would be appreciated.

I like you, kid, but don't give me an excuse to come over there and start punk-smacking you around like Conor Friedersdorf. I got ties older than you, understand?


  1. "...don't give me an excuse to come over there and start punk-smacking you around like Conor Friedersdorf."

    I dunno. It didn't work out so bad for Ross Douthat.

  2. Hi, RS, bookmarked you a few weeks ago, great stuff. And I'm a Democrat, maybe the only conservative Dem in California (one of the 2% who voted for Lieberman in the 2004 primary, altho he had dropped out by then.) Thanks to the Dems here in Cal, I'm fast becoming one of the working poor -- if I were working.

    I write today because of this post's theme of stealing lines. The "I've got ties older than you", IIRC, is from Milton Berle, which probably means it was stolen by him. (For you kids out there, he had a comic reputation for stealing other's jokes.)

    I heard him use it in an interview on the Dick Cavett show in the early '70s, early in the show, after learning Dick's age. Later in the show they took questions from the audience, and Dick asked one questioner his age, as he seemed too young to remember Berle's TV show. When the guy told his age, Cavett remarked, I've got ties older than you. Thus stealing a joke from Berle, which resulted in a great comic double-take from Uncle Miltie. A joke within a joke, a joke about the joker. Hilarity ensued.

    Keep up the good work. I support the Reps on national security and now economic policies, but agree with your oft-repeated point that their media/PR machine sucks.

  3. Any post that rags on Conor Friedersdorf immediately rates a 100 from me.

  4. I do read AoS a lot so maybe I just saw the joke format used once and it got lodged up in my 20-something brain of mine. And yeah, this is really me :P